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Nabil Al Busaidi (born on 23 January 1970 in London, United Kingdom), is a British adventurer. He was engaged in a number of feats like walking to the magnetic North Pole, and a climb of Mount Vinson in Antarctica,[1] and a row across the Atlantic Ocean amongst many.[2] Being the first Arab to accomplish some of these feats, he was voted one of the Top 100 Most Influential Arabs in the world by Arabian Business magazine in 2009,[3] the Top 50 Influential Arabs by Middle East magazine in 2009 and 2011, and remains in the Top 500 Power List in 2011 for Arabian Business magazine.[4]

A documentary[5] about his trek to the magnetic North Pole was directed and edited by two-time Emmy Award winning director David Ward.[6]

Early life and education[edit]



Professionally, Nabs worked at a number of institutions such as Gulf International Bank (Bahrain), KPMG (Oman), Mizuho Bank (Bahrain) and Gulf Air (Bahrain) before becoming a full-time adventurer.


An avid sports enthusiast, Nabs was awarded university colours for soccer and American football at Bath University.

He is a Royal Life Saving Society UK Bronze award holder and a PADI advanced open water scuba diver.

In Bahrain, he played for Bahrain RFC, an amateur rugby team,[7] during their 1997-2005 seasons and as a lifelong fan Liverpool F.C. he set up a Bahrain Liverpool FC Fan Club on Facebook.[8]


Nabs published a coffee table book entitled The Arab who Took on the Arctic - From Sand to Snow[9] in 2011 and is registered with the London Speakers Bureau as a motivational speaker.[10]


An active adventurer, Nabs has undertaken the following adventures since 2009:

  • In April 2009, he became the first Arab to walk the 650 km from Resolute Bay to the magnetic North Pole and one of less than 500 ever to walk to a pole.
  • Later in the same year, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa at 5,895m and one of the seven summits.[11]
  • In January 2010, Nabs climbed the highest mountain in Antarctica, Mount Vinson – (4,897m) also one of the seven summits.[12]
  • * He became the first Arab to row over 4,600 km across the Atlantic, albeit in a team comprising 14 members, one of only 250 crews to achieve this feat and breaking the record for being the largest crew ever to complete the trip.

Current activities[edit]

Inspired by a boarding school[13] friend Major Phil Packer,[14] who raised more than one million pounds for charity,[15] Nabs is working on a tour of 100 schools throughout the GCC. He is hoping to raise US$1 million for local charities.


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