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Nabila Ebeid (Arabic: نبيلة عبيد‎) (born 21 January 1945 in Cairo), also spelled Nabila Obeid, is an Egyptian actress.[1] In 1965, she starred with Omar Sharif in The Mamluks, a role which was described as her "first steps to fame".[2]

She has also starred in the television dramas Al-Ammah Nour (Aunt Nour) and Al-Bawaba Al-Thaniya (The Second Gate).[3]

Personal life[edit]

She is of Turkish origin.[4]

Filmography (partial)[edit]

  • Al Rakesa wa al Tabal
  • Al Rakesa wa al Syasi (The Dancer and the Politician)
  • Abnaa' wa Katala (Sons and Killers)
  • Eghteyal Modarresa (Assassination of a Teacher)
  • Kahwat El Mawardi (El-Mawardi Cafe)
  • Samara el-Amir
  • Tout Tout
  • Al Cirk (The Circus)
  • Rabea el Adawaya
  • Kashef Al Mastour (Revealing the Hidden)
  • Al Azraa' wa al Shaar al Abyad (The Virgin and the Old Guy)
  • Al Akhar (The Other)
  • Hoda and HisOkcy the Minister (original 1995, reprinted 2005)


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