Nablus Governorate

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State of Palestine
West Bank
Part of the Palestinian territories

The Nablus Governorate (Arabic: محافظة نابلسMuḥāfaẓat Nāblus; Hebrew: נפת שכם Napat Šəḵem) is an administrative district of the Palestine located in the Central Highlands of the West Bank, 53 km north of Jerusalem. It covers the area around the city of Nablus which serves as the muhfaza (seat) of the governorate. The governor of the district is Mahmoud Aloul.

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The following localities have populations over 4,000 and municipal councils of 11-15 members.

Village councils[edit]

The following localities have populations above 1,000 and village councils of 3 to 9 members.

Refugee camps[edit]

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Coordinates: 32°14′26″N 35°17′13.50″E / 32.24056°N 35.2870833°E / 32.24056; 35.2870833