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Next Door
Directed by Pål Sletaune
Produced by Pål Sletaune
Written by Pål Sletaune
Starring Kristoffer Joner
Cecilie Mosli
Julia Schacht
Anna Bache-Wiig
Music by Simon Boswell
Cinematography John Andreas Andersen
Edited by John Andreas Andersen
Darek Hodor
Distributed by Columbia TriStar
Release date
10 March 2005
Running time
75 min.
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Budget NOK 15,155,100 (estimated)
Box office $1,277,769[1]

Naboer (English: Next Door) is a 2005 Norwegian psychological thriller film, directed by Pål Sletaune. In the movie, the protagonist John is drawn into a sexual, violent game by his two beautiful neighbours. Naboer received an over-18 rating in Norway, which had only happened to four Norwegian movies before. Upon release it was well received by critics.


The main character, John (Joner), has just been dumped by his girlfriend Ingrid (Bache-Wiig). He then becomes acquainted with his next-door neighbours, the beautiful sisters Anne (Mosli) and Kim (Schacht). The sisters know a strange amount of details about him and Ingrid, and it soon becomes clear that he is being entrapped in a twisted, psychological game.


Actor Character
Kristoffer Joner John
Cecilie Mosli Anne
Julia Schacht Kim
Anna Bache-Wiig Ingrid


The movie was highly anticipated in Norway, particularly because of certain scenes with highly violent and sexual content.[2] For its cinematic review, Naboer received an over-18 rating, which had only happened to four Norwegian movies before.[3]


Norwegian reviewers were highly positive to the movie. Jon Selås, writing for Verdens Gang, gave the movie six out of six points. Selås called Joner's performance the best of his career.[4] Dagbladet's Inger Bentzrud called the movie "intelligent", and gave it five out of six points.[5] The movie was seen by 108,096 people in Norway.[6]


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