Nachingwea District

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Nachingwea District
Wilaya ya Nachingwea
Location in Tanzania (dark green)
Location in Tanzania (dark green)
Country Tanzania
Zone Coastal
Region Lindi
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Postcode 653xx

Nachingwea is a district in the Lindi Region of Tanzania. The district is bordered to the north by the Ruangwa District, to the east by the Lindi Rural District, to the south-east by the Mtwara Region, and to the south-west by the Ruvuma Region.

According to the 2002 national census, the Nachingwea District had a population of 162,081.[1]

The district has a hospital, a teacher's training college, a secondary school, four primary schools, a nursery school, and a day care centre. Nachingwea Airport and an army barracks also are in the district. The district was one of the centres for the groundnut scheme in the 1950s.[citation needed]

The Nachingwea Medal is named after this place.[citation needed]


The Anglican Parish of St. Andrew is linked with St. Andrew's Church, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]


The district is divided administratively into the following 32 wards:

  • Chiola
  • Kiegei
  • Kilima Rondo
  • Kilimani Hewa
  • Kipara Mnero
  • Kipara Mtua
  • Lionja
  • Marambo
  • Matekwe
  • Mbondo
  • Mchonda
  • Mibondo
  • Mkoka
  • Mkotokuyana
  • Mnero
  • Mnero Ngongo
  • Mpiruka
  • Mtua
  • Nachingwea
  • Naipanga
  • Naipingo
  • Namapwia
  • Namatula
  • Nambambo
  • Namikango
  • Nangowe
  • Nang'ondo
  • Nditi
  • Ndomoni
  • Ngunichile
  • Ruponda
  • Stesheni


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Coordinates: 10°22′54″S 38°45′40″E / 10.3818°S 38.7611°E / -10.3818; 38.7611