Nachingwea District

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Nachingwea District
Wilaya ya Nachingwea
Location in Tanzania (dark green)
Location in Tanzania (dark green)
Country Tanzania
Zone Coastal
Region Lindi
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Postcode 653xx

Nachingwea is one of the six districts of Lindi Region in Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Ruangwa District, to the east by Lindi Rural District, to the southeast by Mtwara Region and to the southwest by Ruvuma Region.

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, it had a population of 162,081.[1]

Nachingwea has a hospital, a tteacher's training college, one secondary School, four primary schools, a nursery school and a day care centre. It was one of the centres for the groundnut scheme in the 1950s. It has an airstrip and an army barracks. Some of the District Commissioners who administered Nachingwea are General Francis Mndolwa, Gadi Mnayahe and Mr Pazi and Leonidas Gama.

The Nachingwea Medal is named after this place .


The Anglican Parish of St. Andrew is linked with St. Andrew's Church, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom.


The Nachingwea District is administratively divided into 32 wards:

  • Chiola
  • Kiegei
  • Kilima Rondo
  • Kilimani Hewa
  • Kipara Mnero
  • Kipara Mtua
  • Lionja
  • Marambo
  • Matekwe
  • Mbondo
  • Mchonda
  • Mibondo
  • Mkoka
  • Mkotokuyana
  • Mnero
  • Mnero Ngongo
  • Mpiruka
  • Mtua
  • Nachingwea
  • Naipanga
  • Naipingo
  • Namapwia
  • Namatula
  • Nambambo
  • Namikango
  • Nangowe
  • Nang'ondo
  • Nditi
  • Ndomoni
  • Ngunichile
  • Ruponda
  • Stesheni (English Meaning: station)


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Coordinates: 10°22′54″S 38°45′40″E / 10.3818°S 38.7611°E / -10.3818; 38.7611