Nacho Vigalondo

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Nacho Vigalondo
Ignacio Vigalondo Palacios

(1977-04-06) 6 April 1977 (age 47)
  • Film director
  • television director
  • screenwriter
  • producer
  • actor
Years active2002–present

Ignacio "Nacho" Vigalondo Palacios (born 6 April 1977) is a Spanish filmmaker.[1]


Vigalondo's first film was the 2003 Spanish-language short film 7:35 in the Morning, about a suicide bomber who terrorizes a cafe, which was only eight minutes long. The film won significant accolades: it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film, got another Best Short Film Award nomination at the European Film Awards, and received the Bronze Moon of Valencia at the Cinema Jove – Valencia International Film Festival, and the Prix UIP Drama at the Drama Short Film Festival.

He finished his first full-length feature film, Los Cronocrímenes (English title: Timecrimes), in 2007, in which he also co-starred.[2]

Vigalondo's next film was the 2011 Spanish-language alien invasion film Extraterrestre.

In 2011, it was reported that Vigalondo was recruited to direct a film adaptation of Mark Millar's Supercrooks.[3]

From 2012 to 2014 he wrote and directed a segment in three different anthology horror films: The ABCs of Death, The Profane Exhibit, and VHS: Viral.[4] In 2014 he also released Open Windows, a techno-thriller film that marked his English-language debut.

Vigalondo's wrote and directed the 2016 film Colossal, which is a twist on the Kaiju genre and an homage to the Godzilla franchise. Before starting production on Colossal, Vigalondo described his plan as to make a serious film with "old school" practical effects on a low budget.[5]

Vigalondo's directed the Hulu original film Pooka, released December 2018 in the Into the Dark series.

Vigalondo directed the first two episodes of the first season of the superhero comedy series The Neighbor[6] (released in 2019) and the entire second season of the Ancient-Rome-set comedy series Justo antes de Cristo[7] (released in 2020), as well the episode "La alarma" from season two of antology horror series Stories to Stay Awake.[8]


Short film[edit]

Year Title Director Writer Notes
2001 Código 7 Yes Yes Also cinematographer
2003 7:35 in the Morning Yes Yes Nominated- Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film
2005 Domingo Yes Yes
2009 Marisa Yes Yes
2012 A is for Apocalypse Yes Yes Segment of The ABCs of Death
2013 Sins of the Fathers Yes Yes Segment of The Profane Exhibit
2014 Parallel Monsters Yes Yes Segment of V/H/S: Viral

Acting roles

Year Title Role
2001 Código 7 Tipo
2003 7:35 in the Morning

Feature film[edit]

Year Title Director Writer Producer
2007 Timecrimes Yes Yes No
2011 Extraterrestrial Yes Yes Yes
2014 Open Windows Yes Yes No
2016 Colossal Yes Yes No
2019 Paradise Hills No Yes No
TBA Daniela Forever[9] Yes

Acting roles

Year Title Role
2007 Timecrimes The Scientist
2014 Open Windows Richy Gabilondo
2015 Camino Guillermo
2021 El Planeta Older Man


Year Title Director Writer Executive
2001 Gran hermano Yes No No 9 episodes
2005 Agitación + IVA Yes No No
2007 Las aventuras galácticas de Jaime de Funes y Arancha Yes No No TV short
2008-2010 Muchachada Nui No Yes No 3 episodes
2018 Pooka! Yes No No Segment of Into the Dark
2019-2021 Vigalondo Midnight Madness No Yes No 18 episodes
2020 Los Felices veinte No Yes Yes
2021 Historias para no dormir No Yes No Episode "La alarma"

Acting roles

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2020 Veneno Juan Antonio Canta [es] [10]
2023 La Mesías [11]
El otro lado (The Other Side) Gorka Romero [12]

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