Nachtjagdgeschwader 3

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Nachtjagdgeschwader 3
Nachtjagd badge.svg
Active1941 – 1945
Country Nazi Germany
BranchBalkenkreuz (Iron Cross) Luftwaffe
TypeNight Fighter
RoleAir superiority
SizeAir Force Wing
EngagementsWorld War II

Nachtjagdgeschwader 3 (NJG 3) was a Luftwaffe night fighter-wing of World War II. NJG 3 was formed on 29 September 1941 in Stade from Stab./Zerstörergeschwader 26. The unit's commanding officers were: Major Johann Schalk (1 December 1941 – 1 August 1943); Oberst Helmut Lent (1 August 1943 – 7 October 1944); Oberst Günther Radusch (12 November 1944 – 8 May 1945).

Surviving aircraft[edit]

Two aircraft that served with NJG 3 are displayed together at the Royal Air Force Museum London, one of the two sites of the Royal Air Force Museum. These are Messerschmitt Bf 110 G Werk Nr. 730301, which was surrendered to the British at the end of the war in 1945, and Junkers Ju 88 R-1, Werk Nr. 360043,[1] which came into British hands in 1943. Both aircraft are almost unique – each is one of only two intact survivors of their type.



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