Nachtmystium (EP)

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Nachtmystium ep.jpg
Studio album by Nachtmystium
Released 2003
Genre Black metal
Length 24:00
Label Regimental Records
Painiac Records
Battle Kommand Records
Desire of Goat Productions
Nachtmystium chronology
Reign of the Malicious
Nachtmystium (EP)

Nachtmystium is an EP by Nachtmystium.

Regimental Records: CD limited to 1000 copies.
Painiac Records: vinyl version limited to handnumbered 400 copies.
Battle Kommand Records re-release done in November 2005, with new artwork.
Reissued with 'Reign of the Malicious' on CD by Desire of Goat Productions in 2005, limited to 500 copies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Glorious Moment - 05:12
  2. Cold Tormentor (I've Become) - 02:44
  3. Come Forth, Devastation - 03:22
  4. Embrace Red Horizon - 02:31
  5. Call of the Ancient - 04:24
  6. Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames (Judas Iscariot cover) - 05:47


  • Recorded in August 2002 at Bride of Insect Studios, Chicago, IL, except 'Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames' which was recorded at Hellgod Studios mid-2002
  • Engineered by D.o.A.


  • Azentrius: Guitars, bass and vocals
  • Zmij: Vocals
  • Aamonael: Guitars
  • Session member: Drums

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