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Nachstern is the name given to the network of night-time bus routes serving the city of Luzern, Switzerland and its surrounding areas. Most of the routes are operated by VBL, although some are operated by other companies.


The first night-time route in Luzern was started in 1997 and operated between Luzern and Engelberg, although the Nachstern network itself was not launched until 2000, when lines N1/2/3/4 were introduced. Initially, lines N1/2 were operated by trolleybuses, however today all routes on the network are operated by diesel buses. The network has been extended gradually since 2003, and currently there are 12 lines on the network, operated by 6 companies. The network is sponsored by local radio station Radio Pilatus


Number Route Operator
N1 Luzern - Kriens - Obernau - Horw - Luzern VBL
N2 Luzern - Littau - Ruopigen - Emmenbrücke - Sprengi VBL
N3 Luzern - Ebikon - Buchrain - Perlen - Inwil VBL
N4 Luzern - Brüelstrasse - Büttenhalde - Lerchenbühl - Meggen - Adligenswil VBL
N5 Luzern - Littau - Malters - Schachen - Werthenstein - Wolhusen - Ebnet - Entlebuch - Hasle - Schüpfheim - Escholzmatt - Marbach - Schangnau VBL, Postauto
N6 Luzern - Sursee VBL, Postauto
N7 Luzern - Adligenswil - Udligenswil - Meierskappel Postauto
N8 Luzern - Sarnen - Giswil - Lungern Postauto
N9 Luzern - Hergiswil - Stansstad - Stans Zentralbahn
N10 Luzern - Küssnacht - Weggis - Vitznau - Gersau Auto AG Schwyz
N11 Luzern - Ruswil - Ettiswil - Willisau - Hutwil Rottal Auto AG
N12 Luzern - Rickenbach Auto AG Rothenburg

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