Nacional Transportes Aéreos

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For the Brazilian airline defunct in 1961, see Transportes Aéreos Nacional.
Nacional Transportes Aéreos
Founded 2000
Ceased operations 2002

Nacional Transportes Aéreos was a Brazilian airline founded in 2000. It ceased operations in 2002.


The low-fare carrier Nacional Transportes Aéreos was founded on December 26, 2000 and had as its first service the trunk route São Paulo-Guarulhos / Rio de Janeiro-Galeão / Recife / Fortaleza / São Luís, operated with a Boeing 737-400. The following year, Araçatuba, Brasília, Campo Grande, Cuiabá and Goiânia were added to the network. The Boeing 737-400 was returned to the leasor in April 2001 and replaced by a Boeing 737-200. A second 737-200 arrived in July 2001.[1]

In January 2002, as a consequence of a financial crisis, Nacional was forced to return the aircraft and ceased all operations a few weeks later.[2]



Nacional Fleet
Aircraft Total Years of operation Notes
Boeing 737-400 1 2000-2001
Boeing 737-200 2 2001-2002

Airline Affinity Program[edit]

Nacional did not have an airline affinity program.


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