Nacional de Clubes

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Campeonato Nacional
de Clubes
Nacional clubes logo.png
Sport Rugby union
Inaugural season 1993; 25 years ago (1993)
Number of teams 16
National Argentina (UAR)
Current champion Hindú (2017)
Most titles Hindú
(8 titles)
Website National de Clubes at UAR
Broadcast partner ESPN, DirecTV and TyC Sports
Related competitions Torneo de la URBA
Torneo del Interior

The Campeonato Nacional de Clubes is a club rugby union competition in Argentina. Originally, the competition involved 16 teams from most provincial unions. Between 2009 and 2011, the competition was reduced to only 4 teams, 2 from the Torneo del Interior and 2 from the Torneo de la URBA. It was announced in June 2013 that after a three-year hiatus, the tournament would return with a new 16 team format to take place between March and May 2014.[1] [2] [3]


From 1993 to 2008, the competition involved 16 clubs, which were divided into four zones. The top two clubs of each zone proceeded to the quarter-finals of the competition. The 16 clubs were chosen from their own championships; eight from Buenos Aires, two each from the Northeast, Litoral and Córdoba and one from both Cuyo and Mar del Plata.

In 2009 the Torneo del Interior was re-launched for clubs outside of URBA. The new formula of this tournament coincided with a complete overhaul of the Nacional de Clubes system.

From 2009 to 2011, only 4 clubs qualified to the Nacional de Clubes, two from Interior and two from URBA. The competition started directly at the semi-final level as follows:

  • Semi-final 1: Winners Interior vs Runners-up URBA
  • Semi-final 2: Winners URBA vs Runners-up Interior

Since 2014, the competition has involved 16 clubs, with 9 qualifying from the Torneo del Interior and 7 from the URBA Top 14.[1]

Current teams (2016 season)[edit]

Team City Union Qualification
Ateneo Inmaculada Santa Fe Santa Fe Torneo del Litoral runner-up
Atlético del Rosario Rosario Buenos Aires 6° of Top 14
Belgrano AC Buenos Aires Buenos Aires 4° of Top 14
Duendes Rosario Rosario Torneo del Litoral champion
Gimnasia y Esgrima (R) Rosario Rosario 3° of Torneo del Litoral
Hindú Don Torcuato Buenos Aires Top 14 champion
La Plata La Plata Buenos Aires 5° Top 14
Newman Benavídez Buenos Aires 3° of Top 14
San Luis La Plata Buenos Aires 7° of Top 14
La Tablada Córdoba Córdoba 3° of Torneo del Centro
Tala Córdoba Córdoba Torneo del Centro champion
Tucumán LT Tucumán Tucumán 3° of Torneo del Noroeste
Tucumán RC Yerba Buena Tucumán Torneo del Noroeste champion
Universitario (BA) Buenos Aires Buenos Aires 2° of Top 14
Universitario (T) Tucumán Tucumán Torneo del Noroeste runner-up
Urú Curé Río Cuarto Córdoba Torneo del Centro champion

List of champions[edit]


Season Champion Runner-up Score
1993 San Isidro Club Tucumán 27–19
1994 San Isidro Club La Tablada 28–12
1995 CA San Isidro La Plata 19-06
1996 Hindú Alumni 21–11
1997 Jockey Club (Rosario) Hindú 24–14
1998 San Cirano & San Luis (None) [a] 22–22
1999 La Tablada Duendes 23–22
(Not held)
2001 Hindú Alumni 27–14
2002 Alumni Jockey Club (Rosario) 23–21
2003 Hindú Duendes 31–27
2004 Duendes Los Tarcos 32–21
2005 Hindú San Luis 17–13
2006 San Isidro Club Tala 17–13
2007 La Plata Tucumán 32–13
2008 San Isidro Club La Plata 33–8
2009 Duendes Hindú 28–18
2010 Hindú La Tablada 25–22
2011 Duendes La Tablada 26–23
(Not held)
(Not held)
2014 Universitario (BA) [4] Duendes 21–20
2015 Hindú Newman 27–25
2016 Hindú Belgrano AC 38–23
2017 Hindú Tala 20–10

Titles by team[edit]

Team Titles Years won
Hindú 8 1996, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017
San Isidro Club 4 1993, 1994, 2006, 2008
Duendes 3 2004, 2009, 2011
CA San Isidro 1 1995
Jockey Club (Rosario) 1 1997
San Cirano 1 1998 [a]
San Luis 1 1998 [a]
La Tablada 1 1999
Alumni 1 2002
La Plata 1 2007
Universitario (BA) 1 2014


  1. ^ a b c Both teams were declared champions after the match finished in a tie.


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