Nacka HK

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Nacka HK
Nacka Hockeyklubb
City Nacka, Sweden
League Sweden Division 1
Division Group D
Founded 1976 (1906[1])
Home arena Nacka ishall
Colors Blue, white, black
Website Official website
Franchise history
1906–1976 Nacka SK
–1976 Atlas Copco IF
–1976 Skuru IK
1976–1981 NSA-76
1981– Nacka HK

Nacka HK, officially Nacka Hockeyklubb (English: Nacka Hockey Club), is a Swedish ice hockey club based in the Stockholm suburb of Nacka. As of the 2013–14 season, Nacka plays in group D of Division 1, the third tier of ice hockey in Sweden.

The club traces its roots to Nacka SK, a sports club founded in 1906 that initially competed in bandy.[2] Nacka SK's hockey department played 23 seasons in Sweden's top-tier league, most recently the 1971–72 season. However, they never managed to win a Swedish championship. Following their failure to achieve promotion to Elitserien (now the SHL) in the 1976 qualifiers, Nacka SK merged with Atlas Copco IF and Skuru IK to form NSA-76. The new club renamed itself Nacka HK in 1980.[2]

Mats Sundin, Marcus Ragnarsson, Johan Garpenlöv, Fredrik Lindquist and Leif Svensson are well known players who have played hockey for Nacka HK or its predecessors.[citation needed]


This is an incomplete list, featuring only recent Nacka SK seasons.

Year Level Division Record Avg.
Position W-T-L
2008–09 Tier 3 Division 1D 6th 9–3–4–11
Division 1D continuation 2nd 6–0–1–3
2009–10 Tier 3 Division 1D 8th 10–1–1–10
Division 1D continuation 5th 6–1–1–6
Division 1 qualifier 1st 6–1–2–1
2010–11 Tier 3 Division 1D 4th 15–1–2–9
Allettan Mellan 6th 4–0–1–9
2011–12 Tier 3 Division 1D 9th 6–2–3–16
Division 1D continuation 2nd 9–0–1–5
2012–13 Tier 3 Division 1D 10th 5–2–1–19
Division 1D continuation 6th 4–0–1–10
Division 1 qualifier D 2nd 4–0–0–2
2013–14 Tier 3 Division 1D 10th 1–0–3–23 118
Division 1D continuation 5th 2–3–1–9 82
Division 1 qualifier D TBD TBD TBD

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