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FKK-Radtour 2001 on June 14, 2001 in Karlsruhe.

Nackt-Radtour, Karlsruher FKK Rad-Classics and Karlsruher Nacktradeltour are references used to describe annual naked cycling tours in Germany, many of which happen around Karlsruhe. Organizers describe the event as recreational rather than political. Full and partial (especially topfree) nudity is encouraged, but not mandatory, on all rides. The rides are believed to be some of the first naked bike rides organized in the world.


The rides are organized by a number of groups and individuals, such as "No Limit Nudism", the action group "Wald FKK", "Free Range Nudism" or The events are organized via various internet portals.

FKK-Radtour 2001
FKK-Radtour 2001
FKK Rad-Classics 2005


The end of FKK-Radtour 2001 on June 14, 2001, in Karlsruhe. Two children participated in this ride, which is fairly uncommon in other naked cycling events.

The events have been held annually since 2000, and generally take place in June or July. There has been some resistance to joining World Naked Bike Ride due to the cool weather at the WNBR's date of June 10–12. Some Germans are also leery of events that appear to be overly dogmatic.


  • FKK Bike-Classics at Karlsruhe, Germany 2005-07-23
  • WNBR Naked Cycle Tour, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 2005-07-02
  • Naked Cycle Tour around Munich, Germany June 18, 2005


  • The 2001-06-14 Naked Cycle Tour ended in Karlsruhe, Germany.


FKK Rad-Classics 2005 on 2005-07-23 in Karlsruhe.

Radtour-Classics 2001: Nackt-Radtour in und um Karlsruhe am 14. 6. 2001 A film by Karl-Heinz Kreutler, 45 Min, PAL video. Trailer

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