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Coordinates: 16°53′S 177°25′E / 16.883°S 177.417°E / -16.883; 177.417

Nacula beach oarsman.JPG
A beach on Nacula
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 16°53′S 177°25′E / 16.883°S 177.417°E / -16.883; 177.417
Area 21.7 km2 (8.4 sq mi)
Highest point 243m
Population 600 approx

Nacula is a hilly and volcanic island of the Yasawa Group in Fiji's Ba Province.[1] It is the third largest and is the second farthest north in the group of islands.

There are 4 resorts on the island called Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, Safe Landing, Oarsman Bay Lodge and Nabua Lodge. Tourism is the main source of income on the island.

Nacula Island has 4 native villages, in descending order of size; Nacula village, Malakati village, Naisisili village and Navotua village.

The island's beaches have turquoise blue, gin clear lagoons and are popular snorkeling and diving sites.



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