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InventorSue Ismiel
Inception1992 (Trademark)

Nad's is an Australian trademark of internationally sold waxing hair removal products, although chemical depilatory, skin-care and other products are also sold under the name.

Background and history[edit]

Nad's was developed and founded in 1992 by Australian businesswoman Sue Ismiel.[1] The original product is a tub of natural, green-coloured gel consisting of honey, molasses, sugar and lemon juice. Inspiration for the product came from her daughter's desire to remove the hair from her arms.[1] A "concept" used by her mother and grandmother was "improved" by Ismiel herself, in order to reduce the pain of the waxing process on her daughter.[1] The product took twelve months to develop.[1] Ismiel notified her colleagues at her employment of the result, in which "people wanted me [Ismiel] to bring it in for them to take unwanted hair from their eyebrows and upper lips -- and everybody loved it".[1]

The process of developing the gel was completed in a large pot, later to be undertaken in Ismiel's garage which she made into a factory.[1] She received her own stall at a market in Flemington, New South Wales, New South Wales, and soon got stalls in local shopping centres throughout Australia. The product's commercial success came from an investment in a television advertising campaign, in which a call centre was developed to take the orders of the product.[1]

Laser clinics[edit]

Nad's has six laser hair removal clinics across Sydney. On 6 July 2015, You by Sia has acquired all 6 Nad's Laser Clinics.[2]

Commercial reception[edit]

In 1997, Ismiel received a cheque from Woolworths for $1 million.[1] Five years following its release, British newspaper The Guardian revealed that Nad's was the best-selling personal care product in Australia with a turnover of $7 million.[3] The Sydney Morning Herald named it as Australia's best-known hair remover.[4]


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