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Nada más que la verdad (Nothing But the Truth) is a game show created by Howard Schultz, an American television producer and owner of Lighthearted Entertainment. It was first aired in Colombia. The hosts asks the contestants a series of 21 increasingly personal and embarrassing questions for a huge jackpot. The format has been exported to 46 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. The show has appeared in most countries as "The Moment of Truth".


Prior to the show, a contestant is hooked up to a polygraph and asked between 50 and 80 questions. Without knowing the results of the polygraph test, he or she is asked 21 of those same questions again on the program, each becoming more personal in nature. If the contestant answers honestly as confirmed by the polygraph, he or she moves on to the next question. A person may stop at any time before any question is asked and collect the money they have won. Honestly answering all 21 questions wins the jackpot. If the participant is found to be lying, he or she loses everything and the game is over.[citation needed]

International versions[edit]

Country Name Host Channel Premiere Jackpot
Arab League Arab World لحظة الحقيقة
Lahzat Elhaqiqa (The moment of Truth)
Abbas El Nouri MBC4 April 15, 2011 SR500,000
 Brazil Nada Além da Verdade (Nothing But the Truth) Silvio Santos SBT January 20, 2008 R$100,000
Carlos Massa 2009–2010
 Bulgaria Цената на истината
Cenata na Istinata (The price of truth)
Vitomir Saraivanov Nova TV 2009 200,000 лв
 Colombia Nada más que la verdad (Nothing But the Truth) Jorge Alfredo Vargas Canal Caracol May 23, 2007 CO$100,000,000
 Croatia Trenutak Istine (The Moment of Truth) Jasna Nanut Nova TV September 2008 500,000 kn
 Czech Republic Nic než pravda (Nothing But the Truth) Petr Šiška TV Prima September 25, 2008 5,000,000
 Denmark Sandhedens Time (The Hour of Truth) Lars Hjortshøj TV3 September 17, 2008 Kr. 500,000
 Estonia Tõehetk (The Moment of Truth) Hannes Võrno Kanal 2 September 1, 2008 1,000,000 EEK
 Finland Totuuden Hetki (The Moment of Truth) Ilari Johansson MTV3 Spring 2009 50,000
 Georgia სიმართლის დრო
Simartlis Dro
(The Moment of Truth)
Nanka Kalatozishvili Imedi TV Winter 2009 100,000
 Germany Die Wahrheit und nichts als die Wahrheit
(The Truth and Nothing But the Truth)
Christoph Bauer RTL2 Late 2008 25,000
 Greece Η Στιγμή της Αλήθειας
I Stigmi Tis Alithias
(The Moment of Truth)
Eugenia Manolidou ANT1 October 10, 2008 200,000
 Hong Kong 真實謊言 (True Lies) Johnson Lee TVB Jade TBA TBA
 Hungary Az Igazság Ára (The Price of Truth) Gabriella Jakupcsek TV2 March 5, 2008 20,000,000 Ft
 India Sach Ka Saamna (Facing the Truth) Rajeev Khandelwal Star Plus July 15, 2009 10,000,000
 Israel הפוליגרף
Hapoligraf (The Polygraph)
Gadi Sukenik Channel 2 July 9, 2008 1,000,000
 Italy Il momento della verità (The Moment of Truth) Paola Perego Italia 1 June 12, 2008 250,000
 Macedonia Момент на вистината
Moment na vistinata (The Moment of Truth)
Aneta Kociski А1 February, 2009 3,000,000 MKD
 Netherlands Het Moment Van De Waarheid (The Moment of Truth) Robert ten Brink RTL 4 September 6, 2008 100,000
 Norway Sannhetens øyeblikk (Moment of Truth) Stein Johnsen TVNORGE 2008 500,000 Kr
 Poland Moment prawdy (The Moment of Truth) Zygmunt Chajzer Polsat March 5, 2009 250,000
 Peru El valor de la verdad (The value of Truth) Beto Ortiz Frecuencia Latina July 7, 2012 S/. 50,000
 Portugal O Momento da Verdade (The Moment of Truth) Teresa Guilherme SIC September 9, 2008 250,000
 Romania Momentul Adevărului (The Moment of Truth) Teo va Prima TV March 3, 2008 150,000 lei
 Russia Детектор лжи
Detektor Lji (Lie Detector)
Andrey Malakhov 1TV July 24, 2010 1,000,000 руб
 Serbia Trenutak Istine
Тренутак истине
(The Moment of Truth)
Tatjana Vojtehovski Stevanov RTV Pink February 4, 2009 5,000,000 RSD
 Slovenia Trenutek Resnice (The moment of truth) Jonas Žnidaršič TV3 Slovenia April 6, 2009 50,000
 South Korea The Moment of Truth Korea Gura Kim QTV July 11, 2009 100,000,000
 Spain El juego de tu vida (The Game of your Life) Emma García Telecinco April 2, 2008 100,000
 Sweden Sanningens Ögonblick (The Moment of Truth) Pontus Gårdinger Kanal 5 April 20, 2008 500,000 Kr
 Taiwan 真實謊言 (True Lies - The Moment of Truth) 利菁 (Li Jin) NextTV July 4, 2011 NT$2,000,000
 Ukraine 'Тільки правда?
Tilky pravda? (Only the Truth?)
Andriy Domansky Novyi Kanal January 30, 2009 50,000
Детектор брехні
Detektor brekhni (Lie detector)
Dmitry Karpachev СТБ April 2, 2012 150,000
 United Kingdom Nothing But the Truth Jerry Springer Sky One November 10, 2007 £50,000
 United States The Moment of Truth Mark L. Walberg FOX January 23, 2008 US$500,000


The Colombian version was cancelled in October 2007 after a female contestant named Rosa Maria Solano was asked "¿Usted le pagó a un sicario para mandar matar a su marido?", meaning, "Did you pay a hit man to kill your husband?" and she answered "Sí", meaning, "yes" to the question. (The person she hired tipped off her husband, who then fled.) She later walked away with 50 million Colombian pesos, or about US$25,000.[1].


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