Nadeem F. Paracha

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Nadeem Farooq Paracha
Nadeem Farooq Paracha

06 February 1967
Other namesNadeem F. Paracha
Years active1987– present

Nadeem F. Paracha (Urdu: ندیم فاروق پراچہ‎) is a Pakistani journalist,[1][2][3][4] author and cultural critic.[5][6][7] He writes a column in the Dawn newspaper under the title Smokers' Corner.[8][9][10]

He is the author of four books The Pakistan Anti-Hero, End of past: An immediate eyewitness history of a troubled nation, Points of Entry and Muslim Modernism: A Case For Naya Pakistan.[11]

He also wrote the paper Student Politics in Pakistan: A Celebration, Lament & History.

Paracha is also a Research Scholar and Reagan-Fascell Fellow at the International Forum for Democratic Studies in Washington DC.[12]

Paracha currently works full-time as Head of Ideas at Adcom Leo Burnett Worldwide.


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