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Nadere Reformatie is a Dutch term that refers to a period of church history in the Netherlands, following the Reformation, from roughly 1600 until 1750. The term is most often translated into English as either "Dutch Second Reformation" or "Further Reformation," with the latter translation being preferred.

In broad terms, the period and its representatives are known for their desire to apply the principles of the Reformation to their day – their homes, churches, and, indeed, all sectors of Dutch society in the seventeenth and early eighteenth century. In their balance and value of both orthodoxy as well as piety, the Nadere Reformatie resembles English Puritanism, and German Pietism. In fact, Puritanism had much influence on the Nadere Reformatie. Many Puritan works were translated into Dutch during this time.

The two leading figures of the period are a professor, Gisbertus Voetius, and a pastor, Wilhelmus a Brakel. Brakel's main work, the Redelijke Godsdienst, an explanation, defense, and application of the Reformed faith, has been translated into English (see below).

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