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Nadezhda Bondarenko (Cyrillic: Наде́жда Бондаре́нко, born 19 October 1950 in Ivanovo, Russian SFSR) is a politician in Transnistria and a candidate for President in the 2006 election for the Pridnestrovie Communist Party and the Communist Party of Pridnestrovie. She is of Russian and Ukrainian descent.

She received 8.1% of the vote, second to Smirnov, who won his fourth term in office with 82.4% of the vote.[1]

Bondarenko, Pridnestrovie Communist Party leader Oleg Khorzhan and three other activist were arrested on March 11, 2007, when handing out leaflets ahead of an anti-Smirnov rally and sentenced to three-day's detention as an administrative punishment. On March 13, a Communist demonstration took place in Tiraspol against growing consumer prices and energy tariffs and to demand the release of the Communist leaders.[2]

She is a former police officer and the current editor of the party-newspaper Pravda Pridnestrovya (Cyrillic: Правда Приднестровья).[3]

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