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Nadhaswaram (TV series).JPG
Cover photo for Nadaswaswaram
Genre Tamil soap opera
Family Drama
Written by Thirumurugan
Directed by Thirumurugan
Starring T. S. B. K. Mouli
Poovilangu Mohan
Theme music composer Sanjeev Rathan
Opening theme "Nadhaswaram"
Sirkazhi G. Sivachidambaram
Sangeetha Rajeshwaran
Janaki Iyer
Vairamuthu (Lyrics)
Country of origin Tamil Nadu
Original language(s) Tamil
No. of seasons 12
No. of episodes 1,356
Producer(s) Thirumurugan
Production location(s) Karaikudi
Editor(s) Prem
Running time approx. 19-21 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Thiru Pictures
Original network Sun TV
Original release 19 April 2010 (2010-04-19) – 9 May 2015 (2015-05-09)
Preceded by Idhayam
Followed by Kula Deivam

Nadhaswaram (Tamil: நாதஸ்வரம்) is a Tamil soap opera that aired on Sun TV from 19 April 2010 to 9 May 2015 on Monday through Saturday at 07:30PM IST for 1356 episodes.[1][2][3] It had been receiving the highest ratings of Tamil serials and received high praising from viewers.[weasel words]

The show starring by T. S. B. K. Mouli, Thirumurugan, Poovilangu Mohan, Srithika and Jeyanthi Narayanan. Directed and producer by Thirumurugan, He received high praising for his debut serial Metti Oli. This serial is family-oriented like Metti Oli. The serial is mostly shot in Karaikudi and has many debutant actors. It also aired in Sri Lanka Tamil Channel on Shakthi TV.[citation needed]

Guinness World Records[edit]

This serial on 5 March 2014 achieved the feat of being the First Indian soap opera and Tamil television soap opera to be aired live. This was done to commemorate the Soap opera's 1000th Episode on 5 March 2014. By airing a 23-minutes 25seconds long live telecast in a single shot, the soap opera has earned a place in the Guinness World Records.[4][5][6][7]


Main characters[edit]

The eldest brother in the family. A very kind hearted and friendly person who always wants his children to be happy. He treats his nephew and nieces as his own children. He does Nadaswaram performance with his brother, Mayilvahanan, to whom he is very close.
younger brother of Chokkalingam. Mayilvahanan loves and trusts his son, Pandi more than his daughters. After the death of his son he is looking to seek vengeance against Gopi and Chockkalingam. But,he realizes his mistake and receives stroke as a punishment.
who owns a tailor shop and has an assistant named Kaja. Gopi advices people and he has respect for his family. Gopi is married to Malar.
She works as an Engineer in the Electricity Board. Hers is one of the wealthiest families in Karaikudi. She married Gopi secretly without her parents' knowledge. Now, she lives in her in-laws house.

Supporting characters[edit]

Chokkalingam's wife who treats her husband's nieces as her own children. She favours her eldest son Prasad, and she even went to the extent of chasing Gopi out of the house so Prasad can stay.
  • Theni Sathyabama as Deyvanai
Mayilvahanam's wife. A woman who is almost always not satisfied with what her husband does. She insists her husband to perform Nadhaswaram alone without Chokkalingam but later understood the true good nature of Chokkalingam.
  • Kamalahassan as Pandikumar
Mayilvahanan and Devanai's one and only son. A useless, irresponsible and rude fellow. He loves Maha and he even tries to rape her for he desires to marry her. He doesn't hesitate to kill Gopi just for Maha. He kidnaps Maha and marries her, and becomes a good person in the process. But, Maha ignores him and doesn't talk to him as he borrowed money from Gopi to satisfy Maha. Then, he is murdered by his boss Veera for discovering his secret of kidnapping and dealing idols and asking him for money, who hangs him on a tree to make his death look like suicide, which leads to the enmity between Chokku and Mayilu.
  • Revathy damodharan as Maheshwari
Eldest daughter of Chokkalingam and Meenakshi. She is married into a problematic family. She stays with her husband in Chokkalingam's house as her husband was in an illicit relationship with an other woman but later her problems are solved.
  • Benze as Kameshwari
Mayilvahanan and Deyvanai's eldest daughter. A very decent and quiet girl misunderstood by her father in the beginning due to his love for his son. She is married to her college mate, Moorthy.
  • jayasree as Parameshwari
Mayilvahanan and Deyvanai's youngest daughter. A talkative girl in contrast to her sister, Kamu. She even tries to elope with a guy but realised her mistake with the help of Gopi, she is married to Moorthy's younger brother, Ramesh.
  • Shruti as Ragini
Chokkalingam and Meenakshi's third daughter. Ragini is a very talkative, beautiful and daring girl training to be a beautician in Coimbatore. She was married to Rajesh, who unknown to her was a psychopath. She later divorced him and married to Rajesh's friend Guhan.
  • sangavi as Geetha
Chokkalingam and Meenakshi's youngest daughter and is in her schooling. These girls help their mother in her flower garland work .
  • Sindhu, Vidhya as Rohini
Malar's sister who behaves like a know it all. She advises her sister but ends up choosing a wrong boyfriend. Her parents compel her to marry her sister's first husband, Gokul. After seeing Gokul's true color, Rohini divorced him and married her uncle's son, Shiva but Shiva and his father took Rohini into their home for obtaining money which Gopi and Malar know about, but Rohini refuse to believe them. However, after knowing about her husband and father in law's true nature, felt guilt ridden and committed suicide.
  • Kannan as Gokul
Malar's first husband. He loves Malar initially but begins to suspect her after they tie the knot. He tortures her from the very day they marry. So Malar leaves him and later marries Gopi.
  • Rangathurai as Piraisoodan
Married to Pushpa who is the sister of Chokkalingam and Mayilvahanam. He is the Postmaster of Peravurani. He detests his Brothers in law initially considering them to be of lower status than him but gets along well with them later.
Wife of Piraisudan. She struggles between her brothers' family and her husband's family. She has a daughter called Maha of whom she is naturally fond of. She neglects her own brothers when it comes to Maha's wellness. She urges Gopi to marry her daughter before his marriage to Malar.
  • Gethanjali as Maha [8]
Eldest daughter of Piraisudan and Pushpa. She loves Gopi and decides she would do anything for him. She is forced into a marriage with Pandi when she is mentally ill. After Pandi's death, she understood the love of Pandi to her. Depressed and grieve-strikken, she doesn't want to marry anybody. But after much of her parent's will and Prasad's love to her, she married Prasad.
  • Muneesh Raja as Sammandham
Eldest son of Piraisudan and Pushpa. The Joker of the drama. He Flirts around and once had a girlfriend named Mayilamma. The youngest daughter of Prasad's Step mother and Sammandham are now in love with each other.They eventually marry each other. He talks in broken English and has a funny way of walking which is the highlight of his character in the drama. He had also turned into an aghori but temporarily.
  • Nandhini as Sumathi
Youngest daughter of Piraisudan and Pushpa, who is still schooling.
  • Maariappan Raja as Rassapa
Youngest brother of Chokkalingam and Mayilvahanam. He remains a bachelor and an innocent man. He works in a rice mill.
  • Thailamma
Mother of the three Brothers and Pushpa. A woman who loves to be independent and lives alone in a house nearby to Pushpa's.
  • Selvarangam
Maheswari's husband. He runs a rented coconut shop and lives in a rented house but lies to Maheswari that he owns them. Currently he is in good terms with Gopi's family.
  • Senthil
Ex-lover of Paramu. He cheats her.
  • Mahanadhi Sivashangkar as Neliandavar
Kamu and Paramu's father-in-law, a man who is portrayed as rough before Moorthy's marriage, but softens after his son's marriage. A strong personality and good hearted, respects Chokkalingam,Mayil and Pushpa's family to the core, also helps Gopi's problems in various situations.
  • Neelavathi
Neliandavar's wife.
  • Navindhar as Moorthy
Neliandavar and Neelavathi's second son and Kamu's husband. He woes Kamu to marry her. But as time passes he holds no respect for her. Now, he is being with Kamu after realising his mistake and true love from her.
  • Sai Shakti, Praveen as Ramesh
Neliandavar and Neelavathi's third son and husband of Paramu. He and his eldest brother forced Neliandaver to separate their shares, and using his money, he did a share trading business, and later started to smuggle diamonds, landing Selvarangam in jail. Unable to bear the embarrassment, Ramesh and Paramu fled to Madurai.
  • Roopitha as Vanitha

Moorty's sister who flirts with Gopi when marriage gets fixed for Moorty and Kamu.Later her marriage with Gopi stops as Gopi marries Malar secretly.

  • Boopathy Raja as Jeganathan
Malar's Father. He is one of the big-shot in the village.
  • Karthik as Kaaja

A loyal boy at Gopi's shop.He is consoders as a family member in Gopi's family.He and Rohini are the two of them who stood by Gopi and Malar when they got married.

  • Pairoos as Shiva

Malar's cousin who is married to Rohini

  • Sathyamoorty as Raasu

Malar's maternal uncle who is after Jeganathan's property.

  • Veerabathran as Palani Saamy

A vengeful guy who wants to kill Gopi because he got caught by the police by Malar and Gopi and Gopi broke his legs.

  • Rajkhanth as Prasad
The first-born son of Sokkalingam and Meenakshi, also known as Sivangnanam. The truth was revealed recently and created a big ruckus within the family. Meenakshi is furious over the way Prasad's step parents tried to hide the truth from the others. She then outcast them both and Prasad is initially angry with them. Then he calms down and wants to get back to his step-parents as they have nurtured him when he was young. This is clearly not in favour of Meenakshi's desire to stay with her first born son. Prasad is married to Maha and now they are expecting their baby.
  • Rajalakshmi
Jeganathan's wife.

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