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Nadia Marcinko
Naďa or Nadežda Marcinková
Born1986 (age 33–34)[1]
Other namesNada Marcinkova
OccupationPilot, model
Known forPilot for Jeffrey Epstein

Nadia Marcinko, also known as Nada Marcinkova (Slovak: Naďa Marcinková) (born 1986), is a Slovakian-born model and FAA-certified commercial rated pilot, flight instructor, and CEO of Aviloop, an aviation website. She is known for her association with financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.



Various references are made by Marcinko herself, to being a model,[2] particularly in her teen years.[3] However, it is not clear whether her modeling was mainly conducted in Europe or after she came to America.[4] She also describes her transition from modeling to becoming a pilot, that she was "ready for longer runways,"[5] and that she went from "runway to runway."[6]

In August 2019, Business Insider reported that depositions taken in relation to the Epstein case disputed that she had been a model.[7] Other sources also dispute her modeling background.[8][9]


Marcinko started flight training, at a flight school, at the Palm Beach County Florida Airport, and with 250 hours in her logbook, she accepted an offer from Jeffrey Epstein to obtain her Gulfstream II rating and was certified shortly thereafter.[3][10][6] As of 2019, she held three rating certificates: for single-engine aircraft, multi-engine aircraft, and various Gulfstream business jets (have individual certificates).[5][11][6][4]

Marcinko became popular on social media, under her label "Gulfstream Girl;"[5][4] however, Gulfstream Aerospace filed a trademark infringement suit (Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation v. Aviloop LLC et al.) against her on November 18, 2013.[12][5] Marcinko and Gulfstream reached an out of court settlement, filed on January 6, 2014, after Marcinko changed her online name to "Global Girl."[5]

As of 2019, she remains CEO of her own aviation business, Aviloop, that Wired described as a "supremely odd aviation branding business, whose website features flawless shots of her with Gulfstreams."[5][3] The business is based at an address in New York, that is in a property controlled by Mark Epstein, brother of Jeffrey Epstein.[13][1]

Jeffrey Epstein[edit]

Over the years, several news outlets have reported that Marcinko was previously known under the name of Nada Marcinkova and worked as a long-term assistant to Jeffrey Epstein, and that she was a regular pilot of Epstein's so-called Lolita Express.[1][5] It was reported that she was one of four accomplices of Epstein (including Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, and Lesley Groff), who were given immunity from prosecution in Epstein's controversial non-prosecution agreement from 2008 that was later ruled to be in violation of the Crime Victims Rights Act.[5][2][14] The Guardian reported that Marcinkova was questioned in 2010 concerning Epstein, who was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.[1][5]

In 2015, The Daily Telegraph reported that Nadia, during questioning regarding alleged underaged sexual activities had "invoked her right not to incriminate herself, protected by the US constitution’s Fifth Amendment, when she was asked about the Duke of York", who was a frequent guest of Jeffrey Epstein.[15]

The Miami Herald reported that Marcinko had visited Epstein “more than 70 times when he was in Palm Beach custody,” after his first criminal conviction.[16]

In 2019, in written testimony given by Epstein's underage victims, Marcinko is also described as having encouraged and engaged in sexual acts with the underaged girls, sometimes involving sex toys, at the suggestion of Mr. Epstein.[5][16][2] In one account, according to police, Epstein told one victim Marcinkova was his "sex slave", and that Epstein had "purchased her" when she was 15 from her family in the former Yugoslavian republic,[17][2][18][19] a claim journalist Philip Weiss had made in New York Magazine in 2007.[20][6]

In September 2019, CNN reported that Marcinko could be considered as a "victim" of Epstein, rather than an "accomplice". CNN quoted Marcinko's lawyers who said: "Like other victims, Nadia Marcinko is and has been severely traumatized", and that "She needs time to process and make sense of what she has been through before she is able to speak out".[21]


She was born Nada Marcinkova in eastern Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia).[1][10] It was reported that Nada Marcinkova was brought as a young girl to the U.S. from Yugoslavia, where her family had become based, to live with Epstein. However, after leaving Epstein, she changed her name to Nadia Marcinko.[16][2][1]

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