Nadia Marcinko

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Nadia Marcinko
Born Naďa or Nadežda Marcinková
1986 (age 30–31)
Košice, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia)
Nationality Slovakian

Nadia Marcinko (Slovak: Naďa Marcinková) is a Slovakian FAA-certified commercial rated pilot and flight instructor, holding a Single (land & sea) Multi-engine (land) instrument rating and Gulfstream C/G-IV & C/G-1159-type rating certificates.[1] She is the CEO of Aviloop, an aviation website.[2]

After a career as a model, Marcinko started flight training at a flight school at the Palm Beach County Florida Airport. With 250 hours in her logbook, she accepted an offer from a friend to obtain her Gulfstream II rating and was certified shortly thereafter.[3]

After Marcinko started calling herself "Gulfstream Girl",[4] the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. filed a trademark infringement suit (Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation v. Aviloop LLC et al.) against her on November 18, 2013, alleging that Marcinko had unlawfully appropriated its signature "Gulfstream" trademark to promote her company Aviloop.[5][6] Marcinko and Gulfstream reached an out of court settlement filed on January 6, 2014 after Marcinko changed her online name to Global Girl.

Now using the name "Global Girl", Marcinko promotes aviation on social media. "I believe a career in a tech field is the best-kept secret for girls. Aside from the increased job security, there is also a unique sense of accomplishment that comes with succeeding in a male-dominated field."[2]

Marcinko was born in eastern Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia). Her father, Peter Marcinko, is a prominent architect in Prešov.


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