Lovers Lane (2005 film)

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Lovers Lane
DVD released by Wicked Pictures
Directed byBrad Armstrong
Written byStormy Daniels
Brad Armstrong
Evan Stone
Mikayla Cox
Jennifer Luv
Nadia Styles
Devinn Lane
Randy Spears
Jessica Drake
Jewel Valmont
Kimberly Kane
Brad Armstrong
CinematographyJake Jacobs
Francois Clousot
Edited byEddie Door
Music byL.P.
Wicked Pictures
Distributed byWicked Pictures
Release date
  • June 29, 2005 (2005-06-29) (United States)
Running time
150 minutes
CountryUnited States

Lovers Lane is a 2005 pornographic horror film written and directed by Brad Armstrong, and co-written by Stormy Daniels.


A pair of college students from the small California town of Montgomery go to the local lovers' lane, Hidden Point, to have sex, and are stabbed to death by a hooded figure with a hook for a hand. The next night, another young couple is attacked in the same area. The man's throat is slit, and the woman narrowly escapes, being chased through the woods and to the road, where she flags down a passing car. As the ten-year college reunion, student prom, and tourist season are all fast approaching, the mayor and governor call the FBI for assistance, to the annoyance of the case's initial investigator, Deputy Sarah Blake. Sarah believes these killings could be connected to the similar and still unsolved murders of her sister Laura and Laura's boyfriend, which occurred ten years ago at Hidden Point.

A curfew is set in an attempt to keep people in at night, and Sarah semi-reluctantly teams-ups with FBI Agent Roberts to work on the case. The two decide to go undercover as a couple at the college reunion, and the sexual tension between the pair grows to the point that they end up having sex in Roberts's motel room. At the reunion, Sarah's ex-boyfriend Andy and another attendee named Allison sneak into the campus nurses station to have sex, exit the building, and are attacked by the Hook, who stabs Andy in the back. Hearing Allison's screams, Sarah and Roberts rush outside, prompting the Hook to abandon his pursuit of Allison in favor of going after them.

Roberts is knocked out, and Sarah is chased back into the school, where she discovers a body stuffed in a closet with a yearbook that reads "Die Bitch Die". Sarah is eventually cornered in the gymnasium (where she finds evidence of more victims) and as the killer is about to strike her down, Allison appears, having recognized the Hook as Stanley Smith, a former classmate who was bullied relentlessly and is now Agent Davis, Roberts's partner.

Stanley reveals he was the one who murdered Sarah's sister (one of his bullies) ten years ago, and that he saw this reunion as the perfect opportunity to get his revenge on all his old tormentors (the butchering of the college students was merely a means of making the rampage look completely random). As Allison (one of the few people who were kind to him during their school days) tries to talk Stanley down, Sarah grabs a fire axe and kills Stanley with it, just as Roberts and two police officers arrive.



An 8.79 out of 10 was given by Cyberspace Adult Video Reviews.[1]

Devinn Lane was nominated for Best Actress - Video and Brad Armstrong for Best Director - Video at the 2006 AVN Awards.[2] The company itself gave the film a score of four and a half out of five, complimenting the art direction and sex scenes, and describing it as "suspenseful, erotic and moving throughout".[3]


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