Nadia Zakhary

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Nadia Eskandar Zakhary
Minister of Scientific Research
Assumed office
December 2011
President Mohamad Morsi
Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri
Hesham Qandil
Personal details
Political party Independent
Religion Coptic Christian

Nadia Eskandar Zakhary is the Egyptian Minister of Scientific Research since 2 August 2012.[1] She is a member of the Qandil Cabinet. She is one of the independent ministers in the cabinet.[2] Zachary is the only member in the cabinet who is a member of the Coptic Christian group, representing about 10% of the population.[1][3]

Education and career[edit]

Zakhary obtained a PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Cairo.[2] She was professor of biochemistry and tumour biology at Egypt’s National Cancer Institute.[4] She was also the chair of the Department of Oncology at the Institute of Biology of tumors.[2] She has more than 60 research publications in international scientific journals.[2] She also served as the minister of scientific research in the interim government headed by Kamal Ganzouri.[2]


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