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Nadine Baggott
Born Isleworth, London, England
Occupation Journalist
Known for ITV Beauty presenter, magazine and newspaper journalist, Advertising face of Olay Regenerist face cream, occasional TV presenter, regular contributor to popular journals

Nadine Baggott is an English celebrity beauty editor, journalist, and TV presenter[1]



After graduating, Baggott gained employment as a journalist and has written for several newspapers and magazines including the Daily Mail, Sunday Express, London Evening Standard, Sunday Times Style Magazine, Marie Claire and Hello! Magazine.[2][3] Currently (2007) Baggott is the health and beauty editor for Hello! Magazine, where she received a Jasmine Award in 2004 for the phrase "Scent to Seduce".[4][5]


Baggott has appeared on television as a beauty expert on BBC One's "Vanessa,"' The Alan Titchmarsh Show, and is resident beauty expert on ITV's This Morning.[1][6]


Baggott currently (2007) appears in a widely broadcast series of television advertisements for Olay Regenerist face cream.[7] The advertisements have attracted negative comments on some internet sites.[8][9][10][11][12] Nadine has made her own 'catch phrase' which has been repeated on many spoof videos on the popular video sharing site YouTube 'I'm Nadine Baggott, Celebrity Beauty Editor'.

Product endorsements[edit]

Various companies quote Baggott endorsing various products and services. These companies generally appear to be selling the products or services concerned.[2][13][14][15]


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