Arthur Loves Plastic discography

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Arthur Loves Plastic discography
Arthur Loves Plastic.jpg
Studio albums 21
Compilation albums 2
EPs 5
Soundtrack albums 1

The discography of Arthur Loves Plastic, the performing name of electronic music artist Bev Stanton, consists of twenty one studio albums, two compilation albums, one soundtrack and five extended plays. Arthur Loves Plastic was formed in 1994 in Washington, D.C. and Stanton is also acknowledged as a "remix master", as well as performing as a Beltway club DJ.

Arthur Loves Plastic's debut was the extended play Sperm Warfare which was released on the British T.E.Q. Music? label in March 1995. Following the collapse of the label, Stanton has released most of her music on her own Machine Heart Music label. Arthur Loves Plastic's latest is the album Strings which was released in February 2013.

Studio recordings[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album
1995 The Zero State
1996 Professor Fate
1997 Teflon Diva!
1998 Slice
1999 Klondyke 5
2000 Second Avenue Detour
2001 Fixed Star
2002 No Nations, No Peoples
2003 Nadir
2003 Higher Fruit
2004 Savage Bliss
2005 Love or Perish
2006 Pursuit of Happiness
2006 Troubled
2007 Beneath the Watchful Eyes
2008 Brief Episodes of Joy
2008 King Shag
2009 Give It
2010 Deeper
2012 Special When Lit
2013 Strings

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album Label
2001 The Tapegerm Mixes
2004 Arthur Loves Plastic Machine Heart Music

Soundtrack albums[edit]

Year Album Label
2010 The Blue Room Machine Heart Music

Extended plays[edit]

Year Extended play Label
1995 Sperm Warfare T.E.Q. Music?
2001 Who Do You Trust? Machine Heart Music
2005 Interludes Machine Heart Music
2010 Touch Machine Heart Music
2011 Love Is All Around Machine Heart Music

Remixes by Arthur Loves Plastic[edit]

Remixes of other artists tracks by Arthur Loves Plastic.

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album
2001 Remixes

Extended plays[edit]

Year Extended play
1998 DCremixes
1999 Remixes 2
2000 Remixes 3
2001 Remixes 4

Remixes of Arthur Loves Plastic[edit]

Remixes of Arthur Loves Plastic tracks by other artists.


Year Album
1998 Arthur Loves Plasticulae
2003 Mega Mix
2004 Downtempo Diva
2004 Queen of the World

Extended plays[edit]

Year Extended play
1997 The Complete Teflon Diva! Remixes
1999 Ashtray Remixes
2001 Fixed Star Remixes
2002 Fixed Star Remixes 2
2003 Feel the Love

Appearances on compilation albums[edit]

Compilation albums that include tracks by Arthur Loves Plastic.

Year Album
1997 Abort, Retry, or Fail Vol. 2
1998 Abort, Retry, or Fail Vol. 3'
1998 Subcon.01
1999 Noise Kills Punk Dead
2000 Please Rewind and Play Again III
2000 Please Rewind and Play Again IV
2000 Walking on Pennsylvania Avenue: The Sounds of DC
2000 World Wide Kind
2001 African Icons of Power Vol. 1: Defeat The Enemy
2006 World Wide Kind 2
2007 The Underground Sound of DC: D.C.'s Finest Electronica Musicians Vol. 1