Nadir Shah Kot District

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Nadir Shah Kot District (Pashto: نادر شاه کوټ ولسوالۍ‎, Persian: ولسوالی نادرشاه کوت‎‎) is situated in the western part of Khost Province, Afghanistan. It borders Paktia Province and Shamal District to the west, Qalandar District to the north, Musa Khel District to the northeast, Khost (Matun) District to the east, Mando Zayi District to the southeast and Tani and Spera districts to the south. The population is 28,300 (2006). The district center is Nadir Shah Kot 33°18′40″N 69°41′36″E / 33.3111°N 69.6933°E / 33.3111; 69.6933 - a village at 1386 m altitude on the main road to Khost.

  • AIMS District Map(N.B. The Nadir Shah Kot village is very close to the village of Kapray)