Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri

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Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri
Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri.jpg
Directed byK. Madhu
Produced byK. Madhu
Written byA. K. Sajan
StarringSuresh Gopi
Kavya Madhavan
Music byRajamani
Edited byP. C. Mohanan
Vineeth Mohanan
Dream productions
Release date
  • 27 July 2007 (2007-07-27)
Running time
150 mins

Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri (English: The night on which Nadiya got killed) is a 2007 Malayalam thriller film by K. Madhu starring Suresh Gopi and Kavya Madhavan in lead roles. The film's plot is inspired by the 2007 Thai movie Alone which itself is loosely based on Agatha Christie's novel Elephants Can Remember.


Internationally famous Indian shooter Nadiya (Kavya Madhavan) catches Sauparnika Express, a train on its inaugural run between Chennai and Mangalore. She is murdered en route but is not the only victim on the train. A famous dancer, Thulasi and a television reporter, Shreya Mariya, are also killed. When investigators fail to solve the mystery, the case is turned over to Sharafuddeen Taramasi (Suresh Gopi), IPS, an encounter specialist from the Railway Anti-Criminal Task Force (RATs)

RATs discovers that 3 murders are not inter-connected rather it was sheer coincidence that it happened all in one same night. Thulasi, the dancer was murdered by the coach attendant on orders of his boss, the division manager Vijayabhanu (Suresh Krishna). Vijaybhanu was the husband of Thulsi's sister and fell madly in love with her. He approached her numerous times but was rejected by Thulsi. She threatened to disclose the approaches of Vijayabhanu to the world, which provoked him to kill her, before she reached home.

Shreya, the reporter was behind Alexander Chempadan IPS, who was a Police officer indulged in smuggling. Shreya was following Alexander who boarded the train, to make a string operation about the goods he carry on board. However, Alexender overhears Shreya's mobile conversations, which makes him suspicious and discovers her identity card from her bag. He arranged a professional killer to kill her, when the train reached near Salem, who threw her from the moving train, which kills her.

However the most complicated was the murder attempt of Nadiya. She appeared to be brutally raped with teeth marks on her body and nerve to her brains being cut. When the police reached her coupe, they thought she was dead, but the doctors on the next coupe confirmed that she had not died, which made them transfer her to a hospital. Sharadudden goes behind Nadiya and finds that she along with her identical twin sister Nadira were orphans, and their father was Zakriya Methar. a goon and arms dealer, whom he had killed in an encounter while he was posted in the 'Q' Branch of Tamil Nadu Police. They were raised by eminent dancer Subhadra at her academy. Nadira grew up as a professional dancer, while Nadiya became an acclaimed shooter, holding a grudge against Sharaufuddeen for killing her father before her eyes. Their stepmother Subhadra died, leaving all her properties to the twin sisters which was now managed by Aadi Lakshmi (Urmila Unni), their manager. Nadira's marriage was fixed with international acclaimed musician Zia Musafir, son of Subhadra's discipline and loyalist Ustad Ghulam Musafir. Ustad was not happy with the investigation, especially its chief officer Sharafudden due to several reasons.

While doctors ruled that chances of Nadiya recovering from her coma state is very less, Ustad even argues Nadira to sign consent paper for mercy killing, which she refuses. While at home, someone tried to attack Nadira from behind, who ran away when she bit hard on his hand while trying to entangle her. While the investigation continues, they discovered that Nadiya had called the Academy's phone number hours before her death. They also found that the train made a technical stop at Coimbatore nearly 2 hours which was announced on board. The investigators wondered why Nadiya didn't choose to travel to her academy at Palakkad which is just 40 mins from Coimbatore station, rather than waiting for a train to reach Palakkad after 2 hours. Connecting pieces, they realized, someone had used Academy's official car and entered into Coimbatore car park area. Sharafudden concluded that Aadi Lakshmi's brother killed Nadiya, which Nadira opposes while talking to her privately. Sharafudeen comforted with Nadira that, if not Aadi Lakshmi's brother, it should be Zia Musharaf who might have done this, by taking a break from his world tour, as he had information that Zia was not in Bahamas on the day Nadiya was killed and was in India as per Emigration records. Nadira said, it was not right and affirmed Zia would never do that, as she spoke to him on that night calling his Bahamas number.

Sharafudden decides to take all the suspects to Chennai to conduct a scientific Narco-analysis test along with Nadhiya who is in a state of coma, by taking the same train- Sauparika Express.

While in the train, Nadira was standing close to the door, Sharafudden comes there for a private chat... During the chat, Sharafudeen provokes Nadira and she turns angry, proving herself that she was not Nadira, rather Nadiya herself who gets a nosebleed when she is stressed.

The truth was Nadiya- the shooter was deep in love with Zia, though he had affection only towards her identical sister Nadira- the dancer. Ustad fixes the marriage, without the consent of Nadiya and she was provoked to anger when Nadira was boasting about Zia's love to her during a mobile conversation with Nadiya. She gets angry and decides to kill Nadira, by asking her to pick her up at Coimbatore. When Nadira came, Nadiya assaults her and cuts her nerves to let her bleed to death. To appear as a rape, Nadiya used her teeth to make teeth-bites on her body and changed her dress to Nadira's. She swapped her identity as Nadira, making the real Nadira collapse into a coma state.

Soon after her confession to Sharafudden, she jumped out of the moving train and hitting on to the railway signal, killing herself, which makes the real night when Nadiya was killed.

Zia (Prithviraj) returns and takes Nadira, who is in a coma state, to the US for advanced treatment, hoping she will recover.



The movie was released on 27 July 2007. Upon its release, the film received positive reviews from critics and was a box office success.[1] The film ran for 100 days in trivandrum and ernakulam.[2][citation needed] [3]

The film was remade in Tamil by Shaji Kailas and released in 2017 as Vaigai Express.[4]

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