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Nadja Spiegelman (born May 13, 1987) is an American writer. She is the author of "I'm Supposed to Protect You from All This", a memoir about her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and the fallibility of memory. She has also written three graphic novels for children, Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework,[1] Zig and Wikki in The Cow[2] and "Lost in NYC: A Subway Adventure" under the TOON Books imprint. She is the daughter of cartoonist Art Spiegelman (author of the graphic novel Maus) and Françoise Mouly (art editor of the New Yorker since 1993). She appears in several of Art Spiegelman's works: Maus is dedicated to her and (in later editions) her brother Dashiell Spiegelman, as well as her father's deceased brother, Richieu,[3] and she plays a role in In the Shadow of No Towers, an autobiographical exploration of September 11.[4]

In 2012, Nadja Spiegelman contributed[5] to the creation of Blown Covers, Françoise Mouly's book of rejected New Yorker covers and is listed as the associate editor. In advance of the book's publication, Spiegelman and Mouly launched a Blown Covers tumblr which ran until October 2012. On the tumblr, the mother-daughter team hosted weekly themed 'New Yorker' cover-esque contests with prompts such as Mother's Day[6] or the Trayvon Martin shooting.[7] Artists submitted sketches, and 12 winners were posted every Friday along with editorial commentary by Mouly and Spiegelman. An image submitted through the website was published on the cover of the New Yorker in June 2012.[8] As well as the contest, the tumblr also showcased images from the Mouly-Spiegelman archives, including old photographs and pages from Raw magazine and ran weekly artist spotlights.

In 2016, Nadja Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly launched Resist! - a publication of political comics and graphics by mostly female artists. They created a website with an open call for submissions, similar to the method used to promote Blown Covers. The first issue, in the form of a tabloid newspaper, was printed at 60,000 copies and given away for free at protests of Donald Trump's inauguration across the United States.[9] Their 96-page second issue was published in the summer of 2017.[10] Nadja Spiegelman received a 2017 MacDowell Colony Fellowship.[11]

Spiegelman is the Online Editor of The Paris Review.[12]


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