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Theatrical release poster
Directed byViji Thampi
Screenplay byKrishna Poojappura
Story byV.S. Suresh
Produced byChithram Films
Sayaji Shinde
Nedumudi Venu
Archana Kavi
CinematographySanjeev Sankar
Edited byK. Sreenivas
Music byVidyasagar
Release date
  • 18 October 2013 (2013-10-18)
Running time
160 minutes

Nadodimannan (transl. The Vagabond/Immigrant king) is a 2013 Indian Malayalam-language satirical action comedy film directed by Viji Thampi, starring Dileep, Sayaji Shinde, Nedumudi Venu, Ananya, Archana Kavi and Mythili.[1] Dileep and Viji Thampi collaborated after 17 years in this movie. The film is a satire that portrays how corruption and favoritism engulfs a place and how it is curbed.


The movie starts with Vinayachandran, an environmentalist getting killed by an influential real estate criminal, Pushpam Prakashan and his henchmen as Vinayachandran was opposing Prakashan's dream project- Pushpam Mall citing environmental and societal reasons. Prakashan has the backing of ruling party, police and a corrupt Mayor Purushothaman for all his wrongdoings as he helps them financially whenever they are in need. Once his eyes cast on something, Prakashan will try to acquire it by any means for his gains. His next target is an old man Damodaran's house and its surrounding plot occupied by Damodaran and his granddaughter Meera for developing another project. Even though Damodaran approaches higher-ranked officials including Mayor to save from the advances of Prakashan, he now realizes that they all are nothing but associates of Prakashan. One night, Prakashan's henchmen attacked him and tried to kidnap Meera. In the tussle, Damodaran stabs himself and Prakashan's henchmen hospitalized him as his death will bring trouble to Prakashan.

The film then focus to Palakkad where Padmanabhan hails from. Padmanabhan is a carefree and cheerful guy who along with his friends do road side shows, artificial political rallies, marches and hail and hoot for movies in theatres for daily wages. One day, he gets a call from Thiruvananthapuram to get his gang for organizing a political rally in support of Mayor Purushothaman to boost his image in the upcoming election. Padmanabhan and his gang leaves to Thiruvananthapuram the next day and he gets injured in a bomb blast and gets hospitalized.

Padmanabhan knowingly and unknowingly involves in the various issues happening there. When the people found a leader's characteristics in Padmanbhan they and Thiruvithancore (Travancore) Thirumanassu force him to contest in the upcoming election. He wins the election and becomes the next mayor. Being the mayor if the city, Padmanabhan is loved by every body he starts building public parks and facilities for the common people he also asks the people to give away the places which really belongs to the government. By seeing all these changes Prakashan gets furious and tries to kill Padmanabhan but the plan doesn't go as planned when Padmanabhan's mother and his chauffeur Subair gets killed in the accident made by Prakashan's henchman Kannappan.

Padmanabhan devises a plan to get revenge on Prakashan he decides to destroy Pushpam Mall for good. He calls on a demolition firm and sets the equipments for demolition all throughout the building. But when there is only 15 minutes left for demolition Prakashan calls Padmanabhan saying that he has kidnapped Thirumanassu. Padmanabhan rushes into the building and fights off Prakashan and Kannappan. During the fight, Kannappan is accidentally killed by Prakashan with a gun when he tries to shoot Padmanabhan. When Padmanabhan is about to kill Prakashan, Thirumeni stops him, saying to him "let god decide his fate," but Padmanabhan cuts Prakashan's thumb for accessing the elevator and they escape just in time and the building is demolished killing Prakashan along with it. The mall is now converted to a public park.



The film features three tracks composed by Vidyasagar.

Track# Title Singer(s)
1 "Palam Kadakkan Padmanaabha" M. G. Sreekumar
2 "Macha Ente Matharam" Udit Narayan, Rimi Tomy, Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, Ranjini Jose
3 "Mannan Mannan Nadodi Mannan" Afsal
4 Sarvarogi Vishnu


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