Nadur Tower

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Nadur Tower
Torri tan-Nadur
Part of the Lascaris towers
Rabat, Malta
Nadur Tower exterior.jpg
Nadur Tower as seen from the Victoria Lines
Coordinates 35°54′2.1″N 14°22′16.1″E / 35.900583°N 14.371139°E / 35.900583; 14.371139
Type Watchtower
Site information
Owner Government of Malta
Condition Intact
Site history
Built 1637
Built by Order of Saint John
Materials Limestone

Nadur Tower (Maltese: Torri tan-Nadur) is a small watchtower in Binġemma Gap, limits of Rabat, Malta. It was completed in 1637 as the third of the Lascaris towers. Today, the tower is in good condition.


Nadur Tower was built in 1637 at Binġemma Gap, close to where the British later built the Victoria Lines. Unlike the other Lascaris towers, it is located inland, far away from the coast. This is because it was built to serve as a 'relay' station between the newly constructed Lippija and Għajn Tuffieħa Towers and the walled city of Mdina. The tower has views of the western part of the island of Malta.[1]

The tower is smaller than the other Lascaris towers, having one floor instead of two. It has a square base with two rooms. Access to the roof was by a wooden ladder, which has now been replaced by iron rungs stapled into the wall.[1]

Present day[edit]

Today, Nadur Tower is in good condition. In September 2008, it was damaged when vandals threw burnt oil on one of its sides, but it was restored after a couple of days.[2]


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