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Naeem Hashmi was a famous Pakistani film, television and stage actor, writer, poet, producer, and director in Pakistan. He was known for his roles as a villain in the late 1940s and 1950s, but he later took character roles in over 100 films.[1]

Career and legacy[edit]

Naeem Hashmi was introduced to the film world in British India in film Chandani Chowk (1946). His first film in Pakistan was Ilzam (1953).[2] His naats, or lyrics and praises said for the Islamic prophet Muhammad, also earned him much fame. Peak of his professional career came, when he wrote the heart-warming lyrics of a Naat, Shah-E-Madina, Yasreb Ke Waali sung by Saleem Raza and Zubaida Khanum in the Pakistani film Noor-E-Islam (1957) which became a run-away super-hit in 1957 and still is fondly listened to by the public in 2015.[3] Many of his films, such as the banned Inqalab-e-Kashmir, touched upon social and national issues. He died on April 27, 1976,[4] due to diabetes and a high blood-sugar level.

Ziddi (1973 film), Sharif Badmash (1975 film), Chitra Tay Shera (1976 film) are some of Naeem Hashmi's major successful films before he died in 1976.

Naeem Hashmi's elder son Khawar Naeem Hashmi is a famous Pakistani journalist and now working with BOL TV as its bureau chief in Lahore, Pakistan. He served for 35 years in Jang Group of Newspapers and also as a news reporter for Geo News channel and served as Bureau Chief, Geo News in Lahore, Pakistan. Khawar Naeem Hashmi was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Award in 1989 by the President of Pakistan.[5]

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