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Public company
Industry Energy, Petrochemical
Founded 6 April 1981
Headquarters Algiers, Algeria
Key people
Saïd Akrètche (President and CEO)
Products Gasoline, Diesel,
Sirghaz oils Butane
15.65 billion algerian dinars(DA) (... US dollars)(USD)
Number of employees
29,885 (2008)
A Naftal gas pump

Naftal (Arabic: نفطال) is the principal company selling petroleum-based fuels for domestic consumption in Algeria; its gas stations are a familiar sight throughout the country. Founded in 1981 by government decree, it was responsible for refining and distribution until 1987. In 1998, it became a subsidiary of Sonatrach. It employs about 30,000 workers, and has about 10,000 gas stations (as of 2005.)

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