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Nagarajan Lingam (popularly known by the name Naga) is an Indian Silver screen and Small screen Director. He is prevalently known amidst the tinsel world as NAGA- that appears for all his works. Graduating in Physics major in ‘83, Naga channelized his interest towards motion-pictures. He joined the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune to pursue his interest in mastering the art of film-making. FTII is an autonomous institute under Govt. of India and India’s premier film and TV institute.[1][2]


Though his debut was the silver screen – he is acknowledged and recognized amidst viewers by his vivid projects in the small screen. Naga has earned a niche “Thrill Zone” area in the television arena. He has established himself as the master story teller when it comes to genre thrillers. Some of his notable works that paved his odyssey in the field of thrillers were marmadesam series, Ramani Vs Ramani, Rudra Veena, Chidambara Rahasiyam and the like.

Commencing his early career in the filmdom as Director of Photography – he has worked in a couple of feature films in Hindi. His major break-through as a DOP was working with the Master of unconventional themes “iyakkunar sigaram” K. Balachander with the tele-serial kaiyalavu manasu. Being passionate about art forms, the veteran has created more than twenty documentaries and commercials on varied subjects.

Naga’s passion for the genre led to one of his gripping thriller series – marmadesam which he penned and directed. The series dealt with fiction facing mystical occurrences and real life credence which are still rumored to be followed in various traditions. Every story required deep knowledge and extensive research. His passion and dedication in his work has won him many accolades. Naga was the first to explore the concept of dual personality in the small screen through his vidadhu karuppu – the story which revolves around the rural savior deity karuppu sami – who is still believed to be policing the villages and keeps them from harm. The story was equally thrilling and conceptual where the suspense was held from the viewer till the last episode. The nava bhashana lingam – which has mystical healing power is explored in the first series Ragasiyam. The fields of palmistry and varma kalai were also researched in the stories sorna reghai and iyandhira paravai. The all-giving mystical tree kalpakavruksham was portrayed as the protagonist keeping everybody aware of the environment through the story eduvum nadakkum. Naga’s ardor for learning has led the subtle art of origami make its way by means of chidambara ragasiyam. A clever whodunit that revolves around the art of nadi jothidam. An intelligent sequence of episodes which sent everyone to the edge. The Wednesday episode hour was called Naga Hour by his ardent fans. Naga proved himself to be an all rounder with his comical series Ramani Vs Ramani and veetukku veedu looti – hilarious family entertainers.

Naga had a great come-back to the silver screen under Director Shankar’s S Pictures banner for the feature film Ananthapurathu veedu – a mystical, wound around supernatural phenomena. The plot brought in a new trend in the unexplained – where everybody loves to have such ghosts at home. Though the movie was set in the thriller genre – Naga cleverly tweaked the subject that it was much-admired by the viewers as a family entertainer.

Naga steers the News Channel pudhiya thalaimurai as Creative Head. The channel is acclaimed to provide impartial news about the current affairs, global affairs, economy and sports till 2014


 * nambinal nambungal (1992)



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