Nagai Island

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Shumagin Islands, Nagai Island, 1985

Nagai Island is one of the largest of the Shumagin Islands in the Gulf of Alaska, south of the Alaska Peninsula considered a part of the NE Aleutian Range. It is located at 55°05′N 160°01′W / 55.083°N 160.017°W / 55.083; -160.017Coordinates: 55°05′N 160°01′W / 55.083°N 160.017°W / 55.083; -160.017, and is 31 miles long.

According to the log of Vitus Bering's ship St. Peter, a sailor by the name of Nikita Shumagin died of scurvy and was buried here August 31, 1741. The Shumagin Islands were named after him.


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