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Hiroshige's print of Nagakubo-shuku, part of the The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō series. The title of this print is "Man on Horseback Crossing a Bridge." It is the Wada Bridge across the Yoda River.

Nagakubo-shuku (長久保宿 Nagakubo-shuku?) was the twenty-seventh of the sixty-nine stations of the Nakasendō (a historical major road). It is located in the present-day town of Nagawa, in the Chiisagata District of Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


Located between the Wada Pass and the Kasadori Pass, two difficult parts along the Nakasendō, Nagakubo flourished as a post down during the Edo period. As the town developed, its row houses eventually spread to side streets, giving it the rare shape of a key. At its most prosperous time, there were over 45 inns in which travelers could rest, making it a rather large post town.[1]

Neighboring post towns[edit]

Ashida-shuku - Nagakubo-shuku - Wada-shuku


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Coordinates: 36°15′14″N 138°16′03″E / 36.2538°N 138.2675°E / 36.2538; 138.2675