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Nagalaphu is located in India
Location in northern India
Highest point
Elevation 6,410 m (21,030 ft)
Listing List of mountains in India
Coordinates 30°14′24″N 80°25′48″E / 30.24000°N 80.43000°E / 30.24000; 80.43000Coordinates: 30°14′24″N 80°25′48″E / 30.24000°N 80.43000°E / 30.24000; 80.43000
Location Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, India
Parent range Kumaon Himalaya

Nagalaphu is a Himalayan mountain peak located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state in India.[1] It is the part of Himalayan mountain massif that divides Lassar-Darma valley and Ralam-Gori Ganga valley. Its summit reaches an altitude of 6,410 metres (21,030 ft) above sea level.

South of the peak are the five peaks of Panchchuli. Sona and Meola glaciers (that together form the Panchchuli glacier) are to the east of Nagalaphu. To the peak's west is the large Uttari Balati glacier.

Nagalaphu has yet to be scaled.


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