Nagano Line (Kintetsu)

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Nagano Line
Kintetsu Series6620.jpg
Typecommuter rail
LocaleOsaka Prefecture, Japan
Operator(s)Kintetsu Railway
Line length12.5 km (7.8 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC, overhead line
Route map
UpDownMinami-Osaka Line
F15/N15 Dōmyōji
0.0 O16/F16 Furuichi
LeftFuruichi Depot/Minami-Osaka LineRight
1.9 Nishiura
3.4 O17 Kishi
3.9 Miyanomae
4.0 Asahigaoka
1923–1974 (suspended in 1945)
5.7 O18 Tondabayashi
6.3 O19 Tondabayashi-nishiguchi
7.3 O20 Kawanishi
8.7 O21 Takidanifudō
10.5 O22 Shionomiya
12.5 O23 Kawachinagano

The Nagano Line (長野線, Kintetsu Nagano-sen) is a railway line of Japanese private railway company Kintetsu Railway branching off Minami-Osaka Line at Furuichi in southern suburbs of Osaka. The line connects cities of Habikino, Tondabayashi and Kawachi-Nagano in Osaka Prefecture, terminates at Kawachinagano with connection to Nankai Electric Railway Kōya Line.


The Nagano Line was constructed and opened between 1898 and 1902 as the sole line of Kayō Railway (河陽鉄道, Kayō Tetsudō) who aimed to connect inland town Kawachinagano to Kashiwara on the Kansai Main Line (then of Kansei Railway (関西鉄道, Kansei Tetsudō, also read as Kwansei, Kansai)). The company renamed itself the Osaka Railway Co. in 1919 (being the second company of that name) and decided and built its own line directly to Osaka, branching from Dōmyōji. The company then opened a line diverting from Furuichi to Nara Prefecture, to complete present Minami Osaka Line. Thus the line to Kawachi-Nagano became a branch line, present Nagano Line.

The line was electrified at 1500 VDC in 1923, and the company merged with Kintetsu in 1944. The Furuichi - Kishi section was duplicated in 1957, and extended to Tondabayashi in 1974.


Nearly all trains go through up to/down from Ōsaka Abenobashi on Minami-Osaka Line. A few trains return at Tondabayashi.


All trains stop at all stations on the Nagano Line. Most trains are operated as a Semi express.

Local (普通, Futsū) (L)
Limited number of operation, in the morning down to Tondabayashi or Kawachi-Nagano, in midnight up to Furuichi or Osaka Abenobashi.
Semi-Express (準急, Junkyū) (SE)
Four trains per hour per direction, all day, all to/from Osaka Abenobashi.
Express (急行, Kyūkō) (Ex)
In the rush hours, to/from Osaka Abenobashi.


All stations are located in Osaka Prefecture.

Local trains (普通) stop at every station. Therefore, it is omitted here.

No. Station SE Ex Location
 O16  Furuichi Habikino
 O17  Kishi Tondabayashi
 O18  Tondabayashi
 O19  Tondabayashi-nishiguchi
 O20  Kawanishi
 O21  Takidanifudō
(Osaka Otani University)
 O22  Shionomiya Kawachi-Nagano
 O23  Kawachinagano


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