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Nagar Lai, 黎拿加
Born1959 (1959)
ResidenceHong Kong Special Administrative Region
OccupationMarketing director, educator
Years active1970–present

Nagar Lai is an educator and Director of the Overseas Division, South China University of Technology DC, as well as a visiting professor of numerous universities. He formed the Institute of Supply Chain Management,[1] as well as the China Business Manager Association.[2] He was the head of the Principal Examiners Alliance of Cambridge University, as well as being the International Examiner Syndicate for China since 2003 and founding Vice-President for the Hong Kong Continuing Education Development Alliance, in which nearly all the major business-related professional associations in Hong Kong are represented.[3]

Lai is the founding member of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation, a Hong Kong-government funded university.[4] Nagar Lai is also the Honorary Education Advisor of the Glorious China Association, a charity organisation for servicing the impoverished and honoring the achievements of Chinese. In 2010, Nagar became the Honor Advisor to Cambodia Deputy Prime Minister – Academic.[5]

Lai was appointed as the First Counselor of the Order of St. John Knights of Malta Federation in 2017 and also the senior diplomat and Grand Officer of the Knights of Malta.[6]

Early life[edit]

Lai was born in Mainland China in 1959, later moving to Hong Kong. Lai grew up in a Christian family and studied from primary to secondary at La Salle College,[7] a well known college in association with the Catholic organization.[citation needed]

Educational background[edit]

Nagar was educated at The Hong Kong Polytechnic,[8] later renamed Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and received many postgraduate qualifications afterwards. He is now an alumnus of Hong Kong University Business School and Cambridge Judge Business School.[9][10]


Nagar Lai was worked as the marketing director of big companies, including the listed company Shun Cheong Holdings (Stock number in Hong Kong 650) and various multinationals until the age of 40, then he became an educator until 2011. His active contribution includes being a sponsoring member of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation.[11] He is the founding Vice-President and Member of the Continuous Professional Development Alliance,[12] an alliance that has many large business-related professional associations as members. Nagar Lai is also the Honorary Education Advisor of Glorious China Association, a charity organization for servicing the impoverished and honour the achievements of the Chinese.[5] The association has a strong image in the media and mindset of National Government.

He also served as a chairman of the Institute of Supply Chain Management, a professional organization in logistics and Honorary Secretary of China Business Managers Association, the largest certification body in China business management.[13] In 2008 he was invited to write columns in many newspapers, including having a Professor's Talk Page column in one of the three Hong Kong newspapers that are allowed to circulate in China.[which?] In his Professor's Column of Hong Kong Commercial Daily[14] he raises many sharp criticisms to the traditional education system and professional development.

Social Services[edit]

Lai served as a vice chairman of the Industrial Relations Institute, a labour concern pressure group founded by legislative council member Rev Father McGovern.[15][awkward] Nagar was one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Democratic Party.[citation needed]

Lai is the vice president of the Life Education Academy and had spent decades on supporting the education of additional values.[awkward] He has received two Maharishi Awards.[16] Lai founded the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel that runs on IPTV, Web and mobile phones. The channel promotes charity services and honours corporations and persons with outstanding social responsibility. Nagar with his Corporate Social Responsibility TV channel, supports many Branding Awards and Honor Doctor degree-granting award.[awkward]

With the channel, Nagar supports charity organizations through arranging donations of charity foundations and directs trips to remote villages in China to teach the village educators.[17]

Lai has a good connections with leaders in the region.[18][which?]

In 2017 he became the Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Lion Club of Lion Rock.

Awards and recognition[edit]

Lai was honoured[when?] with advisor in Charge the Academies of Cambodia.[19][awkward]

  • Commander Knights of Rizal, Glorious China Association Charity Award(盛世中华协会公益贡献奖)
  • US President(Obama) Volunteer Service Award(美国总统(Obama)义工嘉许状)
  • Maharishi Award(超觉静坐会)
  • Order of St John (聖約翰爵士會)
  • Order of Saint Michael and the Wings(葡萄牙圣米高骑士)
  • Thailand Maha Chakri Education Award(泰国公主教育成就奖)
  • Cambodia National Construction Award(Bronze)(柬埔寨国家勋章(铜章))
  • VP of Zheng Feng Wing Charity Foundation
  • Knight of order of St Michael and the Wings
  • Cambodia National Construction Award
  • Director of King Buddhist Foundation
  • Advisor to DPM of Cambodia.[20]
  • Progress Fellow of Lions Club Melvine Jones (獅子會茂文鐘士資深院士)
  • Donor of Foundation of Lions Club International (獅子會基金會五星上將)

He was awarded Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels[citation needed][dubious ]

Other criticism[edit]

Lai commented strongly against the current education system while developing non-traditional education reform through his related organization.[which?] This caused his organizations to develop quickly but also attracted critics from traditional educators and authorities. The local newspaper South China Morning Post obtained insider information and attacked Lai with a series of articles in August 2008 that outline the Institute of Supply Chain Management has been challenged to run courses in Hong Kong without proper registration.[citation needed][awkward]

The attacks were short-lived as no proof could be sustained, and Nagar continues to serve as honorary on the above associations.[clarification needed] At the same time[when?] he became Assistant President of St. Clements University Lausanne[citation needed][dubious ] and a senior advisor of South China University of Technology Business School and visiting professor of numerous universities including International American University.[citation needed]


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