Nagara (drum)

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Зурна гоша нагара нагара.jpg
Ghosha Nagara (top) with zurna and Qoltuq nagara
Other namesNaghara
Classification Percussion instrument
Playing range
Rope tensioned

The nagara or naghara is a drum used in the Middle East. There are several types of naghara, which is considered to be the lead instrument in folk ceremonies and weddings. The naghara differs in size and goes by various names such as "boyuk nagara" (big naghara), "cura nagara" (small naghara), "chiling naghara"(played with drum sticks), "Qoltuq nagara" (drum held under the arm), gosha naghara (Naqareh) and "el naghara" (hand naghara).[1]

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