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For the Lok Sabha constituency, see Nagarkurnool (Lok Sabha constituency).
నాగర్ కర్నూలు
Nagar Kurnool
Nagarkurnool is located in Telangana
Location in Telangana, India
Coordinates: 16°29′00″N 78°20′00″E / 16.4833°N 78.3333°E / 16.4833; 78.3333Coordinates: 16°29′00″N 78°20′00″E / 16.4833°N 78.3333°E / 16.4833; 78.3333
Country  India
State Telangana
District Mahbubnagar
Elevation 458 m (1,503 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 26,176
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 509209
Telephone code 91 8540
Vehicle registration TS-06
Sex ratio 1.1:1 /

Nagarkurnool is a city in Mahbubnagar district, Telangana, India.[1] It is the business and education center for the surrounding villages and towns. Nagarkurnool is located between 16.48 degrees northern longitude and 78.32 eastern latitude. The town is situated approximately 458m above sea level. Nagarkurnool lies in a semi-arid tropical region.Recently it upgraded into a Nagar Panchayat.


Nagarkurnool has a history dating back more than 500 years. One version of the story says that Nagarkurnool was named after the Kings Nagana and Kandana, brothers who ruled the present day Nagarkurnool and surrounding area. The village Naganool (which was named after Nagana) still exists, approximately 1 km southeast of Nagarkurnool.

Around 110 or 120 years ago, Nagarkurnool was a main junction for transport and district headquarters for most of the south Telangana region. Farmers traveling in this area would buy and apply kandena (grease) for their carts. This story says the name of the town comes from the name Kandanool, meaning "he who sells kandena", which eventually became Kurnool and then Nagarkurnool.

Renowned Poet and Writer Kapilavai Lingamurthy is living in this town. [2]


More than 70% of the people farm. The main crops are castor, sorghum, rice, and maize.


Up to June 2011, Nagarkurnool was a major gram panchayat (centre of local government). Now the Telangana government recognizes the town as a municipality. It was the second fully computerized panchayat office in Telangana, after Ramachandrapuram, Medak district. Elections are held every 5 years to elect the Sarpanch, who heads up the panchayat. In June 2012 it became the municipality. Since it became a municipality, nearby areas such as Uyalawada, Naganool, and Endabetla are included under the Nagarkurnool municipality/

The present member of the legislative assembly of Nagarkurnool is marri janardhan reddy, and the member of parliament is Nandi Yellaiah. The seat is reserved for scheduled castes. Kuchukulla Damodar Reddy from Nagarkurnool was elected chairperson of Mahabubnagar Zilla Parishad. Nagarkurnool is categorized as a Revenue division. There are 72 revenue divisions in Telangana.