Nagashima Spa Land

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Nagashima Spa Land
Nagashima Spa Land.JPG
Nagashima Spa Land in the distance
Location Japan
Coordinates 35°01′47″N 136°43′48″E / 35.029698°N 136.730014°E / 35.029698; 136.730014Coordinates: 35°01′47″N 136°43′48″E / 35.029698°N 136.730014°E / 35.029698; 136.730014
Opened 1966[1]
Total 45[2]
Roller coasters 12
Water rides 2[citation needed]
Website (in Japanese)

Nagashima Spa Land (ナガシマスパーランド, Nagashima Supā Rando) is a major amusement park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, Japan. It features several roller coasters, thrill rides, and kid rides, a giant Ferris wheel, and a water park. As of 2012, Nagashima Spa Land is the 18th most visited amusement park in the world.[3]

Nagashima Spa Land from the sky

Ferris wheel[edit]

Nagashima Spa Land is the home of Aurora Wheel, a giant Ferris wheel. It is 90 metres (295 ft) tall[4] and 83 metres (272 ft) in diameter.[5]

Roller coasters[edit]

Existing roller coasters:[1]


On October 19, 2003, one of the Steel Dragon 2000 trains lost a wheel, resulting in a guest in the water park suffering a broken hip.[6] The ride was standing but not operating (SBNO) until sturdier wheels were installed and the ride reopened in 2006.[7]

Transport links[edit]

Access by bus is from Kuwana Station or Meitetsu Bus Center; there are no services from Nagashima Station or Kintetsu Nagashima Station.[8]


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