Nagendra Vijay

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Nagendra Vijay
Harshal Pushkarna and Nagendra Vijay.JPG
Nagendra Vijay (right) with his son Harshal Pushkarna at inauguration of Sarthak Prakashan, 2013
Nationality Indian
Occupation Science Journalist, Editor-in-chief of Safari magazine

Vishal Nagendra Vijay Vasu

Harshal Pushkarna
Parent(s) Vijaygupta Maurya

Nagendra Vijay is an Indian science writer in Gujarati language. He is a son of pioneering journalist and science writer Vijaygupta Maurya. He founded the first science magazine in Gujarati language called Scope and wrote several books. The Nagendra Vijay Science Foundation also launched the first Gujarati-language science magazine called Safari,[1] of which he is the editor in chief. He has 2 children's, the elder son Vishal Nagendra Vasu is Director & CTO - Dev InformationTechnology Ltd (DEV IT) and another son Harshal Pushkarna is a science author.

Earlier Publications[edit]

The book "Model Plane 1 & 2" is written by Nagendra Vijay and published under Harshal Publication, This book is especially written for teenagers, it includes how to make model planes, Glider plane.. etc. The book is well written and consists so many pictures for clear understanding. The book is written in Gujarati language.


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