Naggalama Hospital

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Nagalama Hospital
Roman Catholic Diocese of Lugazi
LocationNagalama, Mukono District,  Uganda
Care systemPrivate, Non-profit
Hospital typeGeneral
Emergency departmentI
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Nagalama Hospital, whose full name is St. Francis Hospital, Nagalama, is a hospital in Nagalama, Mukono District, in Uganda's Central Region. The hospital is located approximately 22 kilometres (14 mi), by road, north of the city of Mukono, where the district headquarters are located.[2] This location is approximately 38 kilometres (24 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.[3]


Nagalama hospital is a private, non-profit, rural, community hospital, owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lugazi. The hospital is accredited by the Uganda Catholic Medial Bureau and is administered by the Little Sisters of St. Francis. The planned bed capacity of the hospital is 100. Like most community hospitals in Uganda, Nagalama Hospital operates under severe constraints of staffing and funding. The hospital charges fees for treatment, but no one is turned away because of inability to pay. Funding for the hospital is dependent on service fees, donations from within Uganda and overseas, support from the Catholic Church and subsidies from the Ugandan Government.[4]

The hospital has been managed by Sr Jane of the little sisters of St. Francis. Sr. Jane has been improving the Hospital Buildings, the staff and their living accommodation, the presence of a comfortable Guesthouse for Doctors and Professors donating their expertise and a student house for exchange students from abroad. A new private maternity ward has been added, as well as a well equipped ambulance with oxygen, IV first aid and heart fibilatxr. The children's ward has a special recreation room for children who are able to move around.

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  • Naggalama Hospital Has Heavy Maternity Burden
  • [ Hospital Naggalama Hospital Receives Donations from a woman of Connecticut, USA, who works closely with the CEO of the Hospital, Sr. Jane Frances Nakafeero. Donating Guesthouse for doctors and professors who visit and give their expertise, improving Hospital, administration block, internal roads and wall/fencing and new staff housing. Sponsoring several camps, ( eye- and hernia operations) , HIV program, SiccleCell program, Nutrition, Papillon vaccine and screening for cervical cancer and making it possible for doctors and nurses to have access to higher education.

The Hospital receives since many years the medical assistance of a nurse from Germany and also donations, such as medical equipment for the hospital.

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