Naghlu Dam

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Naghlu Dam
نغلو برېښناکوټ
Jalalabad dam.jpg
Aerial view of Naghlu Dam in 2003
Naghlu Dam is located in Afghanistan
Naghlu Dam
Location of Naghlu Dam
نغلو برېښناکوټ in Afghanistan
LocationSurobi District, Kabul Province
Coordinates34°38′28″N 69°43′01″E / 34.64111°N 69.71694°E / 34.64111; 69.71694Coordinates: 34°38′28″N 69°43′01″E / 34.64111°N 69.71694°E / 34.64111; 69.71694
Construction began1960
Opening date1968
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity
ImpoundsKabul River
Height110 m (361 ft)[1][2]
Length280 m (919 ft)
Total capacity550,000,000 m3 (445,892 acre⋅ft)
Active capacity375,000,000 m3 (304,017 acre⋅ft)
Normal elevation1,190 m (3,904 ft)
Power Station
Commission date1967
Hydraulic head61 m (200 ft) (nominal)
Turbines4 × 25 MW Francis-type[3]
Installed capacity75 MW
100 MW (max. planned)

The Naghlu Dam (Pashto: نغلو برېښناکوټ‎) is a gravity dam on the Kabul River in Surobi District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. It is located 40 km (25 mi) east of the Afghan capital Kabul. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and its supports a power station with a design capacity of 100 MW. It is the largest power plant in Afghanistan and generates most of Kabul's electricity. It is currently being rehabilitated and only three of the four generators are operational.[4] The dam is 110 m (361 ft) tall, 280 m (919 ft) long and its reservoir has a storage capacity of 550,000,000 m3 (445,892 acre⋅ft).[1][5]

Construction of the dam was financed and supervised by the Soviet Union between January 1960 and 1968. The first generator was commissioned earlier in 1967. It was controlled by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and by the Taliban in the 1990s. Its power station was at times used to as a tool by depriving Kabul of power.[6] The power station fell into disrepair and by the 2001 Invasion of Afghanistan, only two generators were operational. In August 2006, Afghanistan's Ministry of Energy and Water awarded the Russian company Technopromexport a $32.5 million contract to rehabilitate the two inoperable generators and replace the transformers. The first of the two became operational in September 2010 and the transformers were replaced by early 2012. The rehabilitation is being funded by the World Bank.[7] The second unit should be operational by the end of 2012.[5][8] In November 2011 another World Bank funded contract was awarded to upgrade electric components of the power station.[9]

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