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Naghmat-e-Pakistan is a collection of national songs and poetry by Tanwir Phool. Pakistan came into existence in 1947 as a result of Pakistan Movement or Tahreek-e-Pakistan. Sir Syed, Allama Muhammad Iqbal,Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan were main leaders of this movement. Tanwir Phool is a prominent poet of Pakistan writing in Urdu and English. The list of his books can be seen at this link:[1]. During Indo-Pakistan war 1965,a national song dedicated to Pakistan Army was composed by Tanwir Phool. The title of this song was "Mujaahideen-e-saf shikan, baRhay chalo,baRhay chalo (Go forward,go forward routing national soldiers).This song was published in daily newspapers and magazines of Pakistan.Later on, the poet was blessed with the Presidential Award by the Government of Pakistan. This song has been included in "Naghmat-e-Pakistan" (the melodies of Pakistan). Presidential Award has been presented to this poet in 2006 by the Government of Pakistan on writing this book (cf.S.Nos.10 and 17 of "Certificates,photographs and news" at this link:[2]."Rashk-e-Bagh-e-Iram" is another valuable collection of Pakistani national songs by Tanwir Phool. The manuscript of this book has won cash prize from the Department of Children's Literature, International Islamic Uniuversity,Islamabad vide its circular dated 27 November 1994.
One poem from "Naghmat-e-Pakistan", with the opening line (English translation) "O my native land, O my native land" was broadcast by Radio Pakistan in 1969.[citation needed]Tanwir Phool (2005), Naghmat-e-Pakistan, Karachi,Pakistan: Rang-e-Adab Publications, OL 24362353M