Nagina Wadi

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Way to Naginawadi Kankaria Lake 1891

Nagina Wadi is a garden themed entertainment ground in the center of the circular Kankaria Lake at the Ahmedabad metropolitan area in Gujarat, India. Built for sole entertainment of the Mughal royals, Nagina Wadi is accessed by a straight, concrete, tree-lined walkway traversing half of the lake. In early 2009, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and AIL Amrapali Industries Limited ( Amrapali Group ) built and completed a large lighted musical fountain, featuring brilliant multicolored laser lights displayed during the night. This project run by Amrapali Industries Limited AIL, Amrapali Group featuring the laser light show displays have now become a landmark for the Kankaria area. Besides this, the lake is also home to several water sport attractions like the Speed Boat and Jet Ski. All of these attractions have made it a hub of amusement for the locals in the area. There are also a few stalls set up by AMC that have been rented to local vendors to supply street food and other items.


Musical Fountain At Amrapali Nagina Wadi, Kankaria, Ahmedabad