Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera

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"Nagisa ni Matsuwaru etc."
Nagisa ni matsuwaru Et Cetera.JPG
Single by Puffy
from the album Jet-CD
Released 1998
Format CD single
Genre J-pop
Puffy singles chronology
"Circuit no musume"
"Nagisa ni matsuwaru etc."
"Mother/Nehorina Hahorina"

"Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera" is the 4th single released by Japanese pop duo Puffy AmiYumi on April 4, 1997. In the first episode of the Japanese drama "Love Generation", Matsu Takako and Kimura Takuya sing karaoke to this song while doing the punching moves from the music video.[1]

The song is also notable for having the alternative title of '"Electric Beach Fever"' in Puffy's 2002 U.S. release An Illustrated History (but is not a direct translation of the original Japanese title). Lining up the single's cover with the single cover from Circuit no musume also results in one big picture.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera
  2. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera (Original Karaoke)


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