Nagoya College

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Nagoya College
Type Private
Junior college
Women's college
Established 1923 (1923)
Location Toyoake, Aichi, Japan
35°03′36″N 136°58′32″E / 35.0600°N 136.9755°E / 35.0600; 136.9755Coordinates: 35°03′36″N 136°58′32″E / 35.0600°N 136.9755°E / 35.0600; 136.9755
Nickname Meitan
Website (in Japanese)

Nagoya College (名古屋短期大学, Nagoya tanki daigaku) is a private women's[1] junior college in the city of Toyoake in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Although actually in Toyoake, the school is very close to the city of Nagoya. The predecessor of the school, a women's school, was founded in 1923, and it was chartered as a junior college in 1955.


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