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The Nagoya Expressway (名古屋高速道路?, Nagoya Kōsokudōro) is a network of urban expressways in Japan serving the greater Nagoya area. It is owned and managed by Nagoya Expressway Public Corporation.


Nagoya Expressway map

The first section of the Nagoya Expressway network opened to traffic in 1979.[1] As of 2008, 69.2 kilometres (43.0 mi) of the network has been completed.[2]

The Ring Route at the center of Nagoya is one-way, flowing clockwise. Routes 1 through 6 extend radially from the Ring Route, with Route 2 bisecting the Ring Route. Route 4 is the only route still under construction. Routes 11 and 16 are extensions of Routes 1 and 6 respectively; a separate toll is required for these routes.

Nagoya Expressway faces competition from the expressways operated by Central Nippon Expressway Company in the greater Nagoya area. Discount policies on these expressways are much more significant than those on the Nagoya Expressway network, which leads to reduced revenue for the Nagoya Expressway and reduced efficiency of the entire road network in the region.[3]


Fares are denominated in yen. The first value in each field applies to passenger cars and light trucks (including 2-wheeled vehicles), while the second applies to large trucks and buses.

  Nagoya Route Area Bihoku Route Area
General Special Areas*1 General Special Areas
Normal 750 / 1,500 550 / 1,100 350 / 700 200 / 400
Sunday / Holiday / Off-peak*2 680 / 1,350 490 / 990 320 / 630 180 / 360
Late-night*3 600 / 1,200 440 / 880 280 / 560 160 / 320

The following applies only when using Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).

  • *1 Special discounted fare for vehicles using only designated short sections of the expressway network.
  • *2 Special discounted fare for travel on Sundays and national holidays (all day), and between 22:00 and 0:00 every day (20:00 - 24:00 until July 31, 2008).
  • *3 Special discounted fare for travel between 0:00 and 6:00 every day (0:00 to 6:30 until July 31, 2008).


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