Nagoya Tōshō-gū

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Main hall of Nagoya Tōshō-gū

Nagoya Tōshō-gū (名古屋東照宮?) is a Shinto shrine located in central Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


Tōshō-gū is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate. It was built in 1619 (Genna 5), two years after the construction of Nikkō Tōshō-gū. It was located outside Nagoya Castle in the Sannomaru enceinte, next to the Tennosha (today's Nagoya Shrine).

The Nagoya Toshogu Festival was the biggest festival in Nagoya before the Second World War.[1]

The shrine was moved from the Sannomaru enceinte of Nagoya Castle to its present location in the late 19th century.


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